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Security increased for MCG test after terror arrests

Melbourne: Security has been increased at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for Monday’s second Test between Australia and Pakistan following the arrest of

Future group, Paytm tie-up to take Big Bazaar online

Mumbai- Retail company Future Group has tiedup with mobile payments and commerce platform Paytm to enable Paytm users to shop for Big Bazaar merchandise on the

Let the pampered city breathe!

The India growth story has a stark, darker side that’s hardly ever mentioned but very much felt in big cities across the country, but none more so than in

Ruckus in House

India is the largest democracy in the world. It is also said to be a nascent democracy, where things are evolving slowly, but steadily. India as a nation is

Farmers’ income

The income of farmers in India has shrunk like anything over the years. It is mainly due to the fact that input costs have gone up monstrously, while the

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CommunityApr 23

Not a good omen

What has been witnessed in Uttarakhand, which culminated in the restoration of Harish Rawat led Congress government in the state on Thursday after the High

Avoidable deaths

It took just two days for a 58-year-old senior executive of CII to lose his life, just because someone inadvertently put in a wrong tube of oxygen into his

For social revolution

On April 14, 1942, on the occasion of 50th birthday of Babasaheb Ambedkar, the following message was sent by Veer Savarkar—“With his personality, learning,

HP needs attention

When we envision the economic strength in view of overall development of Himachal Pradesh, we still find it way behind in its industrial growth. The positive

Paras Mani – the missing touch!

Paras Mani is an amazing substance which is said to possess the unique power of turning any of the base metals into gold by a mere contact. The Hindi

Indian economy

There is a projection that India will become a US $ 10 trillion economy with 10 per cent growth by 2032. It is an encouraging projection. Double-digit growth

Chaos in Muslim world

These days, print media and electronic media, international news magazines and national news magazines are carrying out the news of conflict in the world,

Interlink rivers

Only those countries advance fast and are on the right track which have farsighted futuristic planning not only to keep the extraordinary exigencies under

Is there a magic bullet for reservation?

Using Dr B R Ambedkar’s legacy every year on his birth anniversary is categorically right to say that the bequeathal of illustrious people is being milked

The Kohinoor diamond

India is fighting a kind of ‘war’ to bring the famous Kohinoor diamond back from the UK. ‘During the aggressive coloniser’s invasion, in the midst of

Our limitations

It is very unfortunate that the world is experiencing earthquakes now-a-days quite frequently and at the scale, which causes immense loss to human lives and

Beyond symbolism

Empowerment of girls is a serious issue. It needs to be dealt with all seriousness by all stakeholders. Mere posturing or symbolism won’t work at all. On

Religion and politics

In a country like ours where we have diverse groups of people residing and where the Constitution enshrines secularism, it becomes easier for the political

Logistics support

As India seems to be trying to break new path on the foreign policy in some areas, the voice of opposition to such steps is a common phenomenon bound to emerge

Enigma of financial crisis

The world’s top economists have repeatedly failed to predict the financial and economic crisis. Others who have missed the crisis include government leaders,