Pakistani Maulvis thrash journalists for drinking water during Ramdan fast

Pakistani Maulvis thrash journalists drinking water Ramdan fast. Drinking a water in the month of Ramdan became costly to a Pakistani journalist. When the journalist started drinking water in a mosque, the clerics beat him up. The clerics did not get too cold. They also broke all the accessories of the news channel. The incident

Unemployed hacker robs bank in UK.

A young and unemployed hacker, James Ejankowski, robbed Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group in December 2016. He swindled the bank for over £99,000  by exploiting a bug in the bank’s online banking system. Ejankowski uncovered the trick that if he used the Bank’s online banking software to transfer notional funds between his current account and his savings

Britain’s longest-married couple is all about 80 years of love

Britain’s longest-married couple, who is celebrating 80 years of wedded bliss and still holds hands every day, is giving all the feels and serious relationship goals.102-year-old Ken Harris tied the knot with his beloved 99-year-old wife Margaret two years before World War II began and has carried their wedding day picture in his wallet ever

Renault launches nail paint,now women drivers can also fix their car scratches

A cheery little city car is the new  Renault Twingo. The company says “Twingo is the ideal choice for active lady drivers who need to get about town but who are also attentive to fashion and looks.” And it’s keeping in mind this target audience that the company has launched a new accessory: the Twingo

Hike in Interest rates: Federal Reserve Unites States

Hike Interest rates: Federal Reserve United States. America’s central bank has taken another step towards normalizing monetary policy, by increasing interest rates to a 1% to 1.25% range. The US Federal Reserve has pressed on with the normalization of interest rate policy, by hiking borrowing costs for the second time this year. The Fed funds

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Germany, Turkey to discuss impasse over visiting troops

Germany’s foreign minister is meeting with his Turkish counterpart in an attempt to overcome an impasse over Turkey’s refusal to allow German lawmakers visit troops stationed at a Turkish air base.Turkey blocked the visit to Incirlik Air Base, angered by German authorities’ decision to grant asylum to soldiers Turkey accuses of participating in last year’s failed coup. Germany is