11 died in indore hospital due to ‘Oxygen supply cut’
indore hospital

11 died in indore hospital due to ‘Oxygen supply cut’. On Thursday at MY Hospital in indore 11 people died including two children which shocked the whole city. after reports that oxygen supply was mysteriously snapped for around 15 minutes between 3am and 4am, leading to the deaths.The administration went into damage control mode to

delhi high court Allowing mosquitoes to breed akin to culpable homicide: Delhi HC

Allowing mosquitoes to breed leading to spread of vector-borne diseases like dengue is equivalent to penal offences like culpable homicide and rash driving, the Delhi High Court today told the three municipal corporations here and said “heads must roll” for this. “Should it not be tested on the lines of culpable homicide not amounting to

40a1de60-d0de-4b01-b2fc-9b24db4a5465 Outlets jack up packed milk prices, supply may remain hit today

On the second day of the farmers protest the supply, the supply of milk was severely affected in and around the city on Saturday morning. Residents were affected as even packed milk outlets were out of stock from morning till late evening. The shortage of also gave distributors and local outlet vendors an opportunity to