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Satirical news may impact political attitudes, efficacy
Satirical news may impact your political attitudes, efficacy

New York: Love to watch satirical news programmes? It may have a serious impact on your political attitudes and efficacy, a new research has suggested. The

Feet care regimen, important like face care
Feet care regimen as important as face care

New Delhi: Ignoring the feet can have painful consequences including bacterial or fungal infections, corns, cracked skin, bad odour, among others. A simple

good sleep
Know how to get good sleep

New York: People who fall asleep within 30 minutes or less and wake up no more than once at night qualify for several health benefits associated with good

Facebook addiction actually lies among genes
Facebook addiction actually lies in your genes

London: Are you anxious that your kid is hooked to social networking sites or busy playing video games throughout the night? You now have another reason to

Understand face, choosing sunglasses
Understand your face while choosing sunglasses

New Delhi: Different people look for different factors while selecting a new pair of sunglasses For some eye protection is the top priority while for others it

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Skincare mistakes, avoid during winter
Skincare mistakes to avoid during winter

New Delhi: One of the biggest misconceptions about winter is that the cold weather is what’s drying out your skin, but indoor heating and an increase in

Add spark among winter wedding outfits
Add spark to your winter wedding outfits

New Delhi: The winter months is when the perennial “wedding season” is at its peak. Its the season when one wants to adorn classic traditional

Romantic love hormone may help treat psychosexual disorders

London:Men who were given an injection of a naturally occurring hormone showed enhanced activity in brain regions involved with sexual arousal and romantic

E-cigarettes increasing tobacco use among youth: study

Los Angeles: E-cigarettes – thought to beresponsible for a decline in youth cigarette smoking – are actually attracting a new population of

Look fresh while travelling

New Delhi: Whether youre heading to the coast to soak up the summer sun or to climb the hills and enjoy the chill air, you ought to look fresh and good. While

China cracks down on bids to bypass online censorship

Beijing: China has announced a 14-month campaign to “clean up” internet service providers and crack down on devices such as virtual private

Choker necklaces, ear cuffs: Jewellery trends of 2017

New Delhi: The year 2016 has left with some jewellery trends that will continue to dominate in 2017 and a few new ones that have already started showing signs

Beauty trends to look forward to this year

New Delhi:From anti-pollution products to hair care to chrome nails, this year has some new upcoming trends to look forward to, says an expert. Milan Sharma,

Go for a classy neck tie

Ludhiana:A guide to the history, we all know how a tie adds and enhance the look of a man. Gone are the days when men used to tie their necktie with Simple ,

Blend your summer clothes with winter wear in style

New Delhi: Falling short of winter wear and have an office party to attend? A great mix of summer and winter wear can ease your dressing woes in the winter

Creative ideas to make your balcony garden more attractive

New Delhi: Plants are essential when it comes to decorating a small balcony. Avoid using too much floor space of your balcony, do not overcrowd it, says an

Anti-depressants pregnancy may cause malformations in baby

Toronto: Babies whose mothers take antidepressant medications for lowering their symptoms of depression during the first three months of pregnancy may be at an

How to ace the art of dating

New Delhi: It will help to keep your first date short and sweet, and most importantly non-committal, says an expert who has shared dating tips. Sumesh Menon,

Mr World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal hopes to meet US President

Mumbai:Rohit Khandelwal, the Indian actor and model who won the Mr World 2016 title, wants to meet US President Donald Trump on his next visit to the country.

Twitter’s latest feature to identify your BFF

New York: You will no longer miss the tweets from your best friend as Twitter is testing a new feature that highlights tweets from a select, single person it