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May 26

Eat fruits during pregnancy to have smarter kids

Toronto: Would-be-mothers please listen! The more fruits you eat during pregnancy, the higher would be your kid’s IQ levels, reveals a study. The results

Money can impact romantic relationships

Hong Kong: Our romantic choices are not just based on feelings and emotions, but how rich we feel compared to others, finds an interesting study. According to

Cue-based reminders can help you remember daily tasks

New York: Cue-based reminders can offer a no-cost, low-effort strategy to help people remember to complete the tasks that tend to fall through the cracks in

‘Regular selfie-takers overestimate their attractiveness’

Toronto: Selfie lovers, take note! People who love clicking pictures of themselves regularly tend to overestimate how good looking and likable they are, a new

Healthy lifestyle can help you live cancer-free

New York: Just adopting a healthy lifestyle by refraining from drinking alcohol and smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight and exercising regularly can

Are you extremely social? Beware of cheating on Facebook

New York, May 20 (IANS) People with intellectual disabilities or those extremely social and trusting are more susceptible to exploitation and abuse on social

Easy hacks to keep sweat stains away

New Delhi: Sweat stains can be unpleasant and embarrassing, so try using sweat pads or an antiperspirant to prevent it, suggests an expert. Gunjan Gaur,

Soothing treatment can calm an anxious mind

Toronto: People with anxiety disorders often refuse or drop out of therapies as it makes them weak and infirm, says a study, suggesting that making mental

Eating potatoes may increase high blood pressure risk

New York: Love to binge on potatoes and French fries? If yes, you may be at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, warns a new study. Potatoes

Use scarves, braid up to protect hair in summer

Mumbai: Wear hair in braids and avoid frequent hair wash to maintain your hair during summer time, says an expert.Nirmal Randhava, make-up artist and owner of

Father’s age, lifestyle can cause birth defects in kids

New York: New fathers please take note! Your age, use of alcohol and other lifestyle factors can cause birth defects in your child as well as in future

Keep away unhealthy snacks to cut obesity risk

New York: The proximity to snacks at workplace can increase your consumption behaviour, says a new study that focuses on how companies can promote healthy

South Africa targets Indian tourists

Durban: South Africa has identified India as a key focus market for boosting tourism and it will shortly launch an aggressive campaign to attract tourists from

Dynamics of Communication 

In the dynamic world of today it is faster modes of communication that have helped in rapid growth of economy, understanding, relation building and many other

Are your branded accessories original?

New Delhi: With the market booming with international brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors, there are a lot of fakes which are selling like hot

Fairness at work can boost employees’ health

London: Fairness at work is likely to bring you positivity as well as good health, says a new research, indicating that an organisation is rated on the basis

60 percent of Chinese working women prefer one child

Beijing: Nearly 60 percent of working mothers in China prefer one child and do not want a second, a report said. The report, released on Sunday by Chinese job

Being a foodie can actually keep you lean

London: Do you perceive yourself to be a foodie? If yes, chances are that you may end up influencing the amount of your intake as well as decrease the risk of

‘Indian bartenders already competing globally’

New Delhi: Dean Callan, global brand ambassador of whisky brand Monkey Shoulder, who was in the capital to conduct the Ultimate Bartender Championship, says

Gift a flower to your mom on Facebook this Mother’s Day

New Delhi: Facebook, in a bid to celebrate Mother’s Day with women across the globe, has introduced a special feature to help its users send floral