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May 07

‘Indian bartenders already competing globally’

New Delhi: Dean Callan, global brand ambassador of whisky brand Monkey Shoulder, who was in the capital to conduct the Ultimate Bartender Championship, says

Gift a flower to your mom on Facebook this Mother’s Day

New Delhi: Facebook, in a bid to celebrate Mother’s Day with women across the globe, has introduced a special feature to help its users send floral

Keep your dogs cool during summers: Veterinary expert

Ludhiana: Like humans, hot temperatures during summers can prove very dangerous for your pet dogs too. Veterinary experts have prescribed precautions to save

Cherry juice may help reduce high BP

London: Drinking cherry juice can significantly reduce high blood pressure, particularly in males with early hypertension, to a level comparable to that

Eat grapes to help lower obesity risk

New York: Consuming grapes combined with a diet rich in saturated fats can lower obesity risk as well as improve gut bacteria, a new study has found. According

Now mothers can share parenting tips online

Gurgaon: Mothers can now share their personal parenting experiences across cities and help other parents with their experiences though online portal

Even listening to FM while driving is dangerous

London: Listening to traffic reports on the radio could be so dangerous for your driving that you could even miss an elephant standing by the side of the road,

Consuming rice may put infants at higher urinary arsenic risk

New York: Beware, if you are feeding your infant with rice or rice products! According to a new study, infants who eat rice and rice products are likely to

Mediterranean diet may lower heart attacks, strokes risk

Wellington: A “Mediterranean” diet, high in fruit, vegetables, fish and unrefined foods, is likely to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke in

Being harsh on your kids makes them fat

New York: Are you an authoritative parent? A new study has found that harsh parenting may increase a child’s risk of obesity and poor physical health in

A banana a day may keep blindness away

Sydney: If you love apples, so also love the humble banana. Eating a banana daily is likely to boost eye health and prevent vision-related diseases, a study

Why you can’t say no to ice-cream, despite age

New York: Do you know why it becomes difficult to say decline ice-cream or cupcakes even when you have become a father yourself? According to researchers,

Beware! Demanding bosses may harm your health

London: If you think that your ever-demanding boss always directs you to push the envelope and work extra hard to meet the deadlines, be alarmed as this

Even daily-use products can make you fat!

New York: Exposure to chemicals found in everyday products can lead to an increase in body fat which may pose various health hazards, reveals new research.

Night shifts affect women more than men: Study

London: Sleep is an important part of our biological cycle and disruption to a good night’s sleep, especially after working in night shifts, may affect

Absence of romantic partner can lead to financial loss

New York: If you do not have a romantic partner yet, stop gambling or making riskier investments as you may end up losing money, finds an interesting study.

Genetic risk, stress, dieting triggers anorexia

New York: A combination of genetic and environmental risk factors can trigger eating disorders in humans, finds a study conducted in mice, which can lead to

Women living around natural vegetation live longer

New York: Women who live close to natural vegetation live longer, compared to women with the lowest levels of greenery near their houses, a study has

How obese individuals can sustain weight loss

London: Maintaining stability in losing weight is the biggest struggle for obese individuals. However, according to a new study, if a person can sustain weight