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Dec 23

A trio of unlikely arms suppliers in the US’ Afghan and Iraq wars 

Title: War Dogs; Author: Guy Lawson; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 304; Price: Rs 499 The premise — a trio of Miami youth, barely in their 20s and habitual

Zebras, giraffes, impalas and other evolutionary conundrums

Title: How the Zebra Got its Stripes And Other Darwinian Just So Stories Author: Leo Grasset (translated by Barbara Mellor); Publisher: Profile Books/Hachette

Book on cancer by Indian-American scientist launched

Singapore:An Indian-American scientist has published an international award-winning book about his study on a cancer-causing gene. Arnab De’s book

Newton’s book auctioned for record USD 3.7 million

New York:  A bound copy of Sir Isaac Newton’s seminal work describing his famed three laws of motion has sold for a whopping USD 3.7 million, making it

The schizophrenic, suspicious world of spying – and its costs

Title: The English Teacher; Author: Yiftach Reicher Atir (translated by Philip Simpson); Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 399 For any spy agency, even

Of loot, massacres and exploitation: The legacy of the Raj 

Title: An Era of Darkness; Author: Shashi Tharoor; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 333; Price: Rs 699 For those of us in India and elsewhere, whose perspectives of

A catalogue of unlikely, unexpected museums around the world 

Title: The World’s 100 Weirdest Museums; Author: Geoff Tibballs; Publisher: Robinson/Hachette India;  Pages: 256; Price: Rs 599 If you have a penchant

A catalogue of unlikely, unexpected museums around the world

Title: The World’s 100 Weirdest Museums; Author: Geoff Tibballs; Publisher: Robinson/Hachette India; Pages: 256; Price: Rs 599 If you have a penchant for

Love in different age

  Title: Second Encounter; Author: Ramapada Chowdhary (Translated from the Bengali novella ‘Je Jekhane Danriye’ by Swapana Dutta); Publisher:

Where from here? The curious case of Free Tibet Movement

Title: Saviours and Fools; Author:James Rinaldi; Publisher: Pentagon Press; Pages: 251; Price: Rs 895 Astounding as it may sound, but the arguments put forth

Understanding Ukraine through its complex history and demography

Title: In Wartime – Stories from Ukraine; Author: Tim Judah; Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 259; Price: Rs 599 Truth is the first casualty of

‘Walking with Nanak’ conscious attempt to humanise the saint: Author

New Delhi: Its format is rather unique: part fiction, part history and part travelogue. Pakistani author Haroon Khalid says his third book, “Walking With

Solving a messy life – with Audrey Hepburn’s advice 

Title: A Night in with Audrey Hepburn; Author: Lucy Holliday; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 400;        Price: Rs 499 She has been sacked from her

Nazi past meets Cold War intrigue on the French Riviera

    Title: The Other Side of Silence – Bernie Gunther Thriller 11; Author:Philip Kerr; Publisher: Quercus/Hachette India; Pages: 400; Price: Rs

The sad finale to Ramayana 

  Title: Uttara: The Book of Answers; Author: (Translated by) Arshia Sattar; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 286; Price: Rs 499 The Uttara Kanda is the seventh

Sachin Tendulkar thanks fans after winning Crossword Book Awards

New Delhi: Iconic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar reached out to his fans after his autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’ won the Raymond Crossword Popular

Solving life’s mysteries with ancient and modern wisdom 

  Title: Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life, They Change It; Author: Daniel Klein; Publisher: Oneworld Publications/Pan Macmillan; Pages: 220; Price:

All my stories are genuine lies: Ruskin Bond

New Delhi: Ruskin Bond, whose stories have shaped many chidhoods, on Sunday said that storytelling is a “blend of factual fiction” and all his

Here’s how to remember lessons better during exam time

New York: Do you find it difficult to remember lessons despite reading them over and over again because of the stress that examinations put? If yes, this new

Write poetry to boost daily well-being

London:  Everyday creative activities like writing poetry or making new recipes can boost well-being as well as creativity in young adults, new research has