China factory plan a big blow to Tesla’s India’s electric car dreams

Elon Musk has replied to such queries from curious Indians (not necessarily potential electric car-buyers) at least on four different occasions, thus reflecting an interest in India’s electric car dream.Tesla Motors is in talks with Shanghai municipal government to set up an electric car factory in China.To the naked eye, the business reason for going

Alibaba founder Jack Ma predicts the future of Working Environment

Alibaba founder Jack Ma predicts future Working Environment. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba has predicted that three decades from now people will work much, much less than they do today. According to him People will work four hours a day only and may be four days a week.Jack Ma shared the instance when his grandfather

Google maps not authentic, says country’s top surveyor

Google maps not authentic Swarna Subba Rao Surveyor General India. Google maps are not considered “authentic” since they are not charted by the government, the country’s top surveyor has said. Swarna Subba Rao, the Surveyor General of India, said yesterday that maps prepared by the Survey of India, a 250- year-old institute in Dehradun, were used for

Flipkart Own Your Dream Phone sale June 22 – June 24

Flipkart iPhone 7 plus discount Rs22000 June 22 – June 24. Online e-commerce website Flipkart is organising ‘Own Your Dream Phone’ sale from June 22 – June 24. Flipkart’s sale will start after the end of Amazon’s sale from June 19 to June 22. Flipkart will offer big discounts on flagship smartphone such as iPhone

ISRO successfully launches PSLV-C38 for ‘earth observation’

ISRO successfully launches PSLV-C38 for ‘earth observation’. The Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) on Friday successfully launched Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C38) for earth observation from here. The PSLV-C38, is carrying 712 kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and 30 co-passenger nano satellites, weighing about 243 kg, the total weight of all these

Here Are 7 Reasons Why The New OnePlus 5 May Restore Its Flagship Killer Status After All

The OnePlus 5 was just launched globally, after months of rumours hinting at the new flagship’s specifications. The smartphone is already up for pre-order in certain countries, with shipments beginning today. India, meanwhile, will see a special launch event on June 22, with purchases available starting the same day. The OnePlus 5 is available in

No Trai Do not Disturb app on Apple app store: here is why
No Trai Do not Disturb app on Apple app store: here is why

Apple’s App Store does not include the Do Not Disturb app made by the Indian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. Users running Apple phones in this country will not be able to use this app, which is intended to prevent unauthorized calls and messages.The question arises, why did Apple do this? As a media report says, Apple

New plane will get passengers from New York to London in just 2.5 hours

New plane will get passengers New York London just 2.5 hours. India is talking about running a high speed train for the last few years, while a company in Paris has dreamed of launching a supersonic passenger plane. The company claims that it will travel from London to New York in just two and a

HP launches new range of laptops with windows inking technology
HP launches new range of laptops with windows inking technology

Keeping in mind the need for new-age students and young professionals, HP has launched two new laptops in the Indian market.The HP Pavilion X360 is designed according to the needs of the students. It has been priced at Rs 40,290. According to the company, one of its key features is that its battery lasts for

Indian Student Created World’s Smallest ‘Satellite’

Chennai: . It is considered to be the world’s smallest and lightest satellite. The 18-year-old Tamil film producer Shrur has designed it. In the name of former President APJ Abdul Kalam, the satellite has been named ‘Kalam set’. It cost one lakh rupees to build it.NASA’s 240-minute mission will be left in orbit after 12

Unemployed hacker robs bank in UK.

A young and unemployed hacker, James Ejankowski, robbed Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group in December 2016. He swindled the bank for over £99,000  by exploiting a bug in the bank’s online banking system. Ejankowski uncovered the trick that if he used the Bank’s online banking software to transfer notional funds between his current account and his savings

ISRO working NASA common satellite 2021 launch purpose joint mission
ISRO starts working with NASA !!

ISRO working with NASA !! Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has started work on a satellite in collaboration with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). According to several reports, the work on building components of the satellite has started. According to space agencies, the satellite will use advanced radar imaging which will provide detailed view

Asteroid hitting Earth very much possible, warns scientist

Asteroid hitting Earth much possible, warns scientist. London, June 21 (IANS) The world must be prepared for an asteroid strike, which is just a matter of time, warns a leading astrophysicist from Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. It is a case of when an asteroid collision will happen, rather than if it will happen,

This new feature Instagram will protect personal images
This new feature of Instagram will protect your personal images

This new feature Instagram will protect personal images. Instagram was testing an archive feature to hide photos last month. Now this feature has rollout for all account holders and it will be made available to all without app updates.Now with the help of Archive Features, you will not need to delete photos that you do not

21st June Longest Day Of The Year, Official Start Of Summers

Today is the longest day of 21st of June. We can say it the official start of the summer, which is named Solstice. Today the sunrise will be at 5:23 in the morning and Sunsets at 7:21 pm.It is the longest day of the year, in which 15.5 hours of sun does not sets. Also,

Vodafone offers SIM cards cabs along free 4G data upgrade faster network
Vodafone offers SIM cards in cabs along with free 4G data

Vodafone has tied up with taxi-hailing services like Meru Cabs, Easy Cabs and Mega Cabs with an aim to make commuters upgrade their current SIM card to a faster 4G network. Vodafone has refurbished nearly 500 cabs into 4G SIM mobile dispensers for a faster and superior 4G SIM. Currently, this offer is available only

NASA finds Earth’s close cousin, Other habitable planets

The exploitation of the Earth by humans may make it inhabitable someday but till then NASA will surely find other habitable planets. Recently, NASA found out many planets beyond our solar system where human life is possible. NASA’s Kepler space telescope was the key in the findings of as many as 219 exoplanets suitable for

Versatile Stylish Galaxy Tab S3 Samsung Launches India
Versatile and Stylish Galaxy Tab S3 Samsung Launches in India

Versatile Stylish Galaxy Tab S3 Samsung Launches India. Samsung has finally launched its latest Tab S3 in the Indian market. The Galaxy Tab S3 is powered by the Vulkan API and GPU for superior graphics and Game Launcher with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for uninterrupted game play and enhanced user interface for a personalized

Tesla driver killed using an Autopilot mode, ignored several warnings

A man killed in a crash last year while using the semi-autonomous driving system on his Tesla Model S sedan kept his hands off the wheel for extended periods of time despite repeated automated warnings not to do so, a U.S. government report said on Monday. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released 500 pages

Researchers train drones to use Wi-Fi to look through walls

Researchers train drones to use Wi-Fi to look through walls.A new system by University of California, Santa Barbara researchers Yasamin Mostofi and Chitra R. Karanam uses two drones, a massive Wi-Fi antenna, and a little interpolation to literally see through solid walls.The system is two-fold. The one drone blasts Wi-Fi through the structure and another picks up