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Rare luminous nebula poses cosmic puzzle

New York: Astronomers have spotted an enormous, glowing blob of gas in the distant universe, with no obvious source of power for the light it is emitting.

Verizon’s new venture to boost global carriers’ growth

San Francisco: US wireless communications service provider Verizon on Friday launched a new venture called Exponent Technologies that will help telecom

Fasting-mimicking diet may reverse diabetes: study

Washington: A diet designed to imitate theeffects of fasting may reverse diabetes by reprogramming cells, claims a new study that may help treat the condition

Diabetes’ link with Alzheimer’s disease identified

London:Have a sweet tooth? Beware, you may be at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, as a study has found a specific molecular link between

Space station crew await Russian cargo delivery

Washington: With the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft docked to the International Space Station on Thursday, the crew are now focusing on a Russian cargo

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Laser-generated bubbles create 3D images in liquid display

Tokyo: Scientists have developed a newtechnology that creates 3D images by using a laser to form tiny bubbles inside a liquid screen, allowing users to view

What smartphone players have to offer at MWC 2017 this year

New Delhi: As the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the biggest technology show globally, is around the corner, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Oppo, ZTE and

Australians create revolutionary ‘barcode scanner’ microscope

Canberra: Australian engineers have created an advanced microscope using a beefed-up “barcode scanner”, which they believe will help doctors better

SpaceX cargo aborts docking at space station

Washington:Scientists are reworking plans for the arrival on Thursday of the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft after its docking with the International Space Station

Facebook bans transgender YouTuber for vocal criticism

New York: Facebook has come under severe criticism for banning a US-born transgender YouTube personality for slamming social justice activists. According to a

Apple Park to function from April

New York: The new 175-acre Apple Park will be open to employees from April, while the construction of buildings and parklands is scheduled to continue through

Share multi-photo album on Instagram now

New Delhi: If you feel constrained to share multiple photos or videos from your trip on Instagram, a new feature rolled out on Thursday will make your vacation

Can uploading of obscene videos be prevented, SC asks Google

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today sought toknow from internet service provider Google whether it could “prevent” uploading of obscene contents

Vodafone offers mobile recharge without disclosing number

Kolkata: In a step to maintain secrecy ofone’s mobile phone number getting exposed to retailers for possible misuse, Vodafone today introduced its

Two more swine flu deaths reported in Govt Hospital

Coimbatore: With two more persons succumbingto swine flu in the city, the total number of deaths due to the disease has risen to 17 in the last three months in

World’s rarest boa snake spotted for 1st time in 64 years

Washington:One of the world’s rarest boa -that dwells in the forests of Brazil – has been sighted for the first time in 64 years, indicating that

Gene that may strongly influence obesity identified

Toronto:Researchers have identified a “foraging” gene that could play a very important role in making humans obese or lean. This gene may be

LG launches India’s first smartphone with panic button ‘112’

New Delhi: In line with the government’s initiative to make the “Panic Button” service on mobile phones mandatory from March 2017, South

Plastic from tyres, clothes major source of ocean pollution

Geneva: Tiny plastic particles washed offproducts such as synthetic clothes and car tyres contribute up to 30 per cent of the ‘plastic soup’

Nuclear power could soon be harnessed from oceans

Boston: Scientists are developing a new wayof extracting uranium from seawater, an advance that may help countries that lack resources to harness nuclear power