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Quadruped robot can change steps with speed

Toky: In a first, a research group has found that by changing only its parameter related to speed, a quadruped robot can spontaneously change its steps. The

Spiritual retreats may uplift mood, behaviour

New York:Apart from enhancing well-being, people who spend their time on spiritual, meditative and religious retreats are likely to have changes in the brains

This algorithm can predict users’ affinity towards mobile game

London: Researchers have developed a new algorithm that predicts when a user will leave a mobile game. This information can become handy for the game studios

NASA’s Juno probe set for fifth close flyby of Jupiter

Washington: NASA said its Juno spacecraft will make its fifth flyby over Jupiter’s mysterious cloud tops on Monday. At the time of closest approach, Juno

Ford India plans to hike prices by up to 2% from April

New Delhi: Automaker Ford India plans toincrease prices of vehicles across its model range by up to 2 per cent from April in order to partially offset rise in

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Stem cell therapy may help repair lung damage

London: Stem cell therapy can potentially reduce lung damage caused by chronic inflammation in conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Protein ‘switch’ in brain controls blood flow: study

New York: A protein “switch” within the tinywire-like capillaries of the brain controls the blood flow that ensures optimal brain function, a new

Moha flower exempted from forest dept’s transport permit

Mumbai: Maharashtra Government hasexempted flowers of Moha tree (madhuca longifolia) from the necessity of Forest Department’s transport permit. The move

Facebook to begin testing GIF button for comments

New York: Social media giant Facebook will begin testing a GIF button that will allow users post GIFs from services like Giphy and Tenor as comments.

Record breaking brown dwarf identified

London: Astronomers have identified a recordbreaking brown dwarf – a star too small for nuclear fusion – with the ‘purest’ composition

Nokia confirms US availability of its Android phones

New York: Finnish tech firm Nokia, which made a comeback with three Android-based phones — Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)

New computer method may predict time of body clock

New York: Researchers have developed a computer method called ZeitZeiger that uses a sample of human blood to accurately predict circadian time — the

Google Maps unveils new real-time location sharing feature

New Delhi: Google Maps on Thursday announced a new real-time location sharing feature which will be available for both Android and iOS users. Users will be

Samsung launches mobile payment service in India

Mumbai: Samsung Electronics todayannounced the launch of its flagship mobile payments service in the country. Apart from allowing users to simply tap and pay

Mars may have had rings, and they may come back: study

Washington: Mars could once have had rings,and the red planet may regain them again, according to a new study. A new model developed by scientists at Purdue

Hindustan Petroleum to upgrade units using Honeywell technology

New Delhi: State-run oil marketer Hindsutan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) has selected Honeywell’s technologies for the expansion and modernisation of its

Twitter shut six lakh terror-related accounts in 18 months

New York : Micro-blogging website Twitter has blocked more than six lakh terror-related accounts in last one and a half years, media reported. According to a

Apple’s unnamed ‘wireless device’ is electronic door reader

San Fransisco: Apple’s recently submitted application for an unnamed “wireless device” to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for

Impulsive Facebook use may cause brain imbalance

New York: Do you have the habit of constantly checking Facebook or other social media sites while driving, in a work meeting, or at other times? Beware, it

Apple to build two new R&D centres in China

Beijing: To boost local talent, tech giant Apple has announced it would invest $508 million in China to build two additional Research and Development