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Snapchat launches location-based ad product

New York: Photo-sharing service Snapchat is launching a new location-based product that will allow businesses see whether people go to stores after seeing

Apple team is developing sensors to monitor diabetes

New York: A secret team of biomedical engineers at Apple is working on an initiative to develop sensors that can non-invasively and continuously monitor blood

Hyderabad hospital claims record in corneal transplants

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad campus of L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) has claimed to have set a record in Corneal Transplantation, performing 2,043 surgeies in

Don’t miss NASA’s first 4K livestream from space this month

Washington: In the first-ever live 4K video stream from space, NASA astronaut and Expedition 51 commander Peggy Whitson will take viewers more than 400 km off

Microsoft bids farewell to Windows Vista

New York: Software giant Microsoft has finally said goodbye to 10-year-old Windows Vista operating system that had debuted with severe criticism. According to

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Fans want Twitter to turn into user-led cooperative

New York: Twitter shareholders want to turn the micro-blogging site into a user-led cooperative, following a petition by a group of company fans urging it to

Microsoft buys startup to boost its cloud

New York: Software giant Microsoft has bought startup Deis that specialises in containers — a modern way to develop and deploy software. The deal is seen

Wireless camera system to monitor newborns’ vital signs

Geneva: Swiss scientists have developed acontactless and wireless camera system to continuously monitor the vital signs of premature babies, which could

Modi, Australian PM inaugurate TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull on Monday jointly inaugurated the TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

What stops girls from pursuing science? Low confidence level

New York: More girls think they are bad at maths than boys, even when they are not. And it turns out that it is this low level of confidence that stops many

NASA delays balloon launch due to poor weather

Washington: NASA has postponed the third launch attempt of its super pressure balloon (SPB) from Wanaka, New Zealand, on Monday due to poor weather at ground

New alert system to help cars avoid collisions with cows

Ahmedabad: Scientists have developed an efficient, low-cost obstacle detection and alert system that can help cars avoid colliding with cows or other animals

Big asteroid to fly ‘very close’ to Earth in mid-April: NASA

Washington: A large near-Earth asteroid discovered nearly three years ago will fly safely past Earth on April 19th, US space agency NASA has said. The space

A student commits suicide every hour in India

On April: Arjun Bharadwaj, a 24-year-old management student, committed suicide by jumping out of a 19th-floor hotel room in Mumbai. Media reporting suggested

New laptop bombs may evade airport security: US

Washington: US intelligence agencies have announced that terror groups have developed innovative ways to plant explosives in electronic devices that can evade

Google, Amazon eye Toshiba’s chip unit: report

Tokyo: Google and Amazon joined a list of potential buyers eyeing Toshiba’s lucrative memory chip business as the Japanese conglomerate seeks bidders to

Free vitamins to every mum-to-be in Scotland

London: Free vitamins will be provided to every pregnant woman in Scotland from Saturday in a move aimed at giving every new baby the best start in life.

How wrong-way asteroid avoids colliding with Jupiter

Toronto: For at least a million years, an asteroid orbiting the “wrong” way around the Sun has been playing a cosmic game of chicken to avoid

Android users to spend more money on apps than Apple customers

New York: Users of Google’s Android operating system will spend $41 billion in total on apps and subscriptions in 2017, topping $40 billion for Apple, a

New technique may lead to early liver cancer diagnosis

Boston: Exposure to a fungal toxin – a potentcarcinogen – may cause up to 80 per cent of liver cancer around the world, say MIT scientists who have