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Philippine Police Kill 32 Drug Dealers- daily Post India

Philippine Police Kill 32 Drug Dealers

Philippine Police have killed 32 suspected drug dealers in a series of raids across Bulacan province near Manila. As per The Guardian report, the provincial police chief said 67 police operations in various parts of Bulacan had left 32 drug dealers and more than 100 others in custody. “We have conducted ‘one-time, big-time’ operations in the past. So far, the number

Human rights activist’s son killed in Mohali

Mohali: In a dreadful act, a wife in connivance with her aides, killed her husband, stuffed the body in a suitcase and left it abandoned after failing to load it in a BMW car, parked in front of a house in Phase 3B-I in Mohali here on Sunday. The deceased has been identified as Ekam

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