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North korea

North korea challenges United States,fires cruise missiles after US drills

North Korea fired several suspected short-range anti-ship missiles Thursday, South Korea’s military said, in a continuation of defiant launches as it seeks to build a nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental United States. The projectiles were fired from the North Korean eastern coastal town of Wonsan and likely flew about 200 kilometers (about 125 miles)

constable crushed by sand mafia

Police Constable Crushed to death,by Sand Mafia

Constable Lalaram Yadav, who had gone to a quarry to check illegal mining, was killed at Kairant Mod in Alwar district on Tuesday night. Jaipur: In a horrific incident, a dumper carrying stones from an illegal mine ran over a Rajasthan Police constable trying to stop it, crushing him to death on Tuesday night.Family members of 30-year-old constable Lalaram Yadav are

everybody amused

A farmer did a weird act in Tehsildar office, everybody amused

Sangrur: In the government offices delaying in the work by govt employees is an older and most irritable thing for normal public, upset people do weird thing to represent revolt over such delays by the govt employees.Such a weird act was done  by a farmer in Bhawanigarh Tehsildar’s office, that the employees in the tehsildar office were stabbed.In fact,

Girl caught searching porn

Girl caught searching porn at school, the reason will blow your mind

A Texas man was arrested after a 9-year-old relative was caught at school searching pornography to learn about what the creep had been doing to her, court documents reveal. Anthony Garay, 31, of San Antonio, faces charges of continuous sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony, the San Antonio Express-News reports. He remained jailed as

raises pension/social security income criteria limit

Punjab Cabinet raises pension/social security income criteria limit

Chandigarh, Punjab Cabinet meeting carried on wednesday , raised the annual income limit for eligibility for pension and other social security schemes to Rs 60,000, while deciding to minimize the hassles involved in availing benefits by introducing a system of self-certification. With the ongoing verification process expected to weed away a large number of undeserving beneficiaries, the

war on terrorism

India to use Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in its war on terrorism

NEW DELHI: India will look to provide a leg-up to its fight against terrorism with its full membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), the six-nation security grouping which has a critical role for peace and stability in resource-rich central Asia and Afghanistan. PM Narendra Modi will  depart for the SCO summit in Astana Today (thursday)where the heads


Farewell to hope of life on Kepler-438b

    The search for extraterrestrial life continues. According to new research from a team at the University of Warwick, one of the Kepler mission’s most Earth-like candidates would be utterly uninhabitable to carbon-based life.The Kepler mission is searching for planets that are enough like Earth to be considered habitable. Discovered in January 2015, Kepler-438b

Facebook says aims to be 'hostile environment

After London attack, Facebook says aims to be ‘hostile environment’ for terrorists

London Facebook said it wanted to make its social media platform a “hostile environment” for terrorists in a statement issued after attackers killed seven people in London and prompted Prime Minister Theresa May to demand action from internet firms.Three attackers rammed a hired van into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed others nearby on Saturday

khalistani extremists

Three more Khalistani militants arrested:Punjab Police

New Delhi,Punjab police has claimed that three more Khalistani militants  who had taken training from Pakistan have been arrested.Police claimed that these were suspected to be attached with the kashmiri militants and they were  planning to blast a railway track in Punjab.They also  added that , the previously recovered ammunition and weapons by the BSF,

last days of emperor

Spent his last days reciting the stories: Saddam Hussein

New York, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein spend his last days while listening the songs of American singer Mary J. Blige , eating muffins and reciting the stories to the american security workers.They had a quite melodious friendship with them.According to the news of New York Post the book written by Bill Bardenwerper ‘The Prisoner in his Palace’

a strict leader: Sidhu

Trying to show himself a strict leader: Sidhu

Cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu is trying to prove himself a strict minister these days , and in order to do so he is conducting raids in the departments. During this they are doing termination and suspension from the services of the officials found guilty of carelessness in their duties and are giving strict warning

militants killed

Four militants killed by security forces in Bandipora:J & K

The unknown militants were killed when they attacked a CRPF camp in J-K’s Bandipora district Four militants were killed in retaliatory fire by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora on Monday.A  spokesperson of police  gave the information about unknown militants were killed while attempting a suicide attack at the 45Bn headquarters CRPF camp in Sumbal.He said, the

fusion based power reactor

India is helping build world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor

Near the banks of the Sabarmati, in the green city of Gandhinagar, a team of 122 scientists and engineers from across India is working silently on building some crucial nuclear components. These are meant to power the world’s largest nuclear reactor, coming up in the Cadarache province of southern France. At a time when an

protest against liquor vendor

New twist in the case of sabotaging property outside the liquor shop

A new twist arrised in the case of sabotaging property outside the wine shop , when police filed a case against 5 people including women, local parish residents gave the warning of sieging the police station and blocking the road.A liquor vendor in Muhalla Farid Nagar that is under the control of Salem Tabri police station.

farmer's son became ias

Mocked for not knowing English, farmer’s son secures third rank in civil services

Ronanki, who has difficulty in communicating in English and Hindi, said he wants to work for the poor of his state and also those living in other parts of the country. “Being an IAS has always been my dream,” he said. Once mocked for not knowing English, Gopalakrishna Ronanki, a farmer’s son, has secured third


Bennett University starts Ivy League BBA-LLB programme

NEW DELHI: Bennett University (BU) has entered into an agreement with Cornell Law School, USA, to facilitate collaborative efforts in delivery of Ivy League BBA-LLB programme in India. Cornell Law School at Cornell University, an Ivy League university, is located in Ithaca, New York.Meanwhile, professor VC Vivekanandan, director of NALSAR Proximate Education, MHRD IP chair

mirror world

How Parallel Universes Exist

Many people believe that parallel universes exist but do they actually exist. Does Science has any proofs ? At present, there are no experimental proofs but there are some facts that indicates the existence of parallel universes.We know that balance is important for this universe or multiverse to exist. There should be an equal amount


Financial investigation of cooks and empolyees: CMO

The problems of the power minister Rana Gurjeet Singh has been increased , the case is regarding the recently reported news of having the auction of sand mines under the name of his employees, CM capt. Amrinder singh has   given the verbal orders to the higher officials of his administration as well as AG Punjab


Rahul Gandhi silence on Saharanpur violence disturbing congressmen

Several congress leaders have raised a question on the silence of party vice president Rahul Gandhi regarding  the caste violence in Saharanpur. They  also asked why Rahul has not visited ground zero even as the party demanded an independent probe into the matter and flayed Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh.According to the report, many within the


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