Lost and Neglected Glory of Ludhiana: Lodhi Fort of King Sikander Lodhi

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Lost & Neglected Glory of Ludhiana: Lodhi Fort of King Sikander Lodhi

By Nidhi Bhanot

March 27, 2018

Nidhi Bhanot


Lodhi Fort is a lost glory of Ludhiana, about which the young generations don’t even know due to its deteriorating condition. It is worth mentioning that Lodhi Fort is one of the forts in the vicinity of Ludhiana in Punjab. It is situated near Daresi ground in old city of Manchester of India, Ludhiana. This Fort has lost its glory among masses.  

Locally known as Purana Qila or Old Fort, it is a grand structure which now lies in ruins due to the poor maintenance. The fort stands on a large piece of land now encroached from all sides and has turned in to a garbage dump. Now the place is known for dating of couples, lying of drug addicts and dying factories running inside certain part of the fort. Congress grass is spread all over the Lodhi fort.

The tourism departments can Ancash Lodhi fort’s historical importance in the monetary terms from tourists by bringing it back to shape as large number of people from various states visit Ludhiana for industry purpose that why it is called ‘Manchester of India’ too. But instead fort is in a state of neglect from decades and in shambles. Most of its inner part and barracks have crumbled in it.

A mysterious tunnel from inside the fort is said to go under the Sutlej and open at the Phillaur Fort. Legend has it that the tunnel was dug up either to enable the fort inhabitants to flee during an emergency or to surprise enemy by attacking them from behind on the Sutlej side. The fort, from which the city derived its name, certain years ago some Muslim devotees used to come on Thursday’s to worship, but today no longer do so.

Instead one can often see drug addicts lying in stupor inside Lodhi Fort’s premises but there is no one to show them an exit door. The administration, Municipal Corporation and archaeological department authorities have put deaf year to the idea of maintaining and revamping fort for public.

The local residents say that concerned authorities should maintain it and charge money to see the fort from tourists. It would not only increase their business but would save the historical grace of Lodhi fort also.It can also be used for shooting purpose if it would be maintained. As its poor state of affairs has made the life of shopkeepers and residents around fort very difficult. The dump just at the entrance of the fort always produces stinking smell and stray animals keep lying around and inside the Lodhi Fort. But no one cares for the maintaining the Lodhi Fort in city. 

History of Lodhi Fort

The over 500-year-old Lodhi Fort was constructed by Muslim ruler Sikander Lodhi in the last decade of the 15th century on a strategic location along the banks of the Sutlej in the city of Ludhiana which itself got its name from the Lodhi dynasty and was formerly known as Lodhiana.  Even great Maharaja Ranjit Singh was aware of the strategic as well as the historic importance of this fort which explains why it was acquired and well maintained during his era. The fort was well kept even until the time of Britishers who frequented it as tourists.