Panjab University Election panels of major student parties

By Bajwa Harkamal Singh

August 18, 2017

Panjab University Election panels of major student parties. Panjab University is one of the best Universities of the country. It has been surrounded by controversies lately with all the fee hike issues and protests. Varsity banning the entry of four-wheelers for new students and this recent stalking case stirred another controversy. Panjab University is well known for it’s open and beautiful atmosphere. It is said that who comes here to study once finds it hard to leave. 

The Panjab University elections is another major part of the University. Every year the Student council elections take place by the end of August or the beginning of September. The students though start their campaigning when the admissions and entrance tests take place. Students from different parties boasting their stickers and colors are always on toes to help the new comer. With the 2017 PUCSC elections on the head, the major parties have announced their panels. 

PUSU party, working since 1977, was in the council this passing year while SOI were the runner-ups. SOI, one of the major parties, holds the record of highest margin of victory. Another party known as SFS had performed really well last year and is considered to be a strong contender this time as well. With Congress Government in Punjab, NSUI too looks strong. Also, the return of NSUI Student Front into NSUI has made it even stronger. We will now have a look at the Panjab University election panels of some major parties which have been announced so far.

SOI President: Prabhjit Singh Karmuwala Vice-President: Suman Lakhar Chairman: Mehnazpreet Singh Party President: Harman Lubana Campus President: Chetan Chaudhary

NSUI President: Sachin Galav Chairman: Nirjog Mann Senior President: Siya Minocha Campus President: Akash Kohli Party President: Maninderjit GrewalPUSU President: Navi Khemkaran Vice President: Babal Chaudhary Campus president: Navjot sran