Post matric scholarship scam; the Government ready to release Rs 94 crore

By Manpreet Kaur

February 07, 2018

After all, the barricades have been lifted on the way of post matric scholarship as the Punjab Government has decided to release Rs 94 crore grants. In the first phase, the government’s institutions would be allocated the grants and later to those private institutions, who have been found clean in audit survey. The alleged scholarship is to be told around Rs 800 crore,in which Rs 200 crore has been detected as embezzled and the survey report will reveal about rest money, shortly, told Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Punjab Minister for SC/BC Welfare. The step, releasing the fund, has been taken to stop any untoward impact on the education of the students.

The Centre Government had stopped the release of Rs. 1100 crore grant to Punjab for not providing ‘Utility Certificate ‘ (UC) of Rs. 800 crore used in the past under Post Matric Scholarship Schemes. While UC for Rs. 300 had been submitted to the Centre Government. Post matric Scholarship funds have been given to the unaided educational Institutions for SC/BC students, who have been getting education in various streams. All expenditures on the education of these students are born by the Centre and State Government, respectively 90 and 10 percent. The total numbers of beneficiaries’ students are around 3.15 lacs.

Department had directed to audit of accounts of various educational educations, to trace the ‘Missing ‘amount Rs. 800 crore. Earlier it was decided to close down such educational institutions, which were to be found in embezzlement, but now not so. Minister Dharmsot told that legal action would be taken against such institutions with criminal proceedings, which were found guilty of fund embezzlement fully, partially or quarterly.He also told that utility certificates would be submitted to the Government of India so that further post matric scholarship grants can be attained.