Colombia Bridge Collapse, 10 workers die


Colombia Bridge Collapse, 10 workers die

By Nidhi Bhanot

January 16, 2018

Ten workers workers die in bridge collapse, Colombian officials say Bogota. The Colombian officials says that  10 workers died after a bridge collapsed. They were building outside Nation’s capital when the bridge collapsed. It is a heart rendering incident.

Civil Defense authorities say the laborers were working on drainage along the bridge when the structure fell today about 95 kilometers from Bogota.Nine people were killed at the scene and the 10th died after being taken to a nearby hospital with severe injuries.

The concerned authorities are still working to determine how many people were working on the bridge at the time of the collapse and if anyone is missing. The details would be released soon.

About Columbia Bridge. It is located in the west of U.S. Route 3, four miles south of Colebrook Village on Columbia Bridge Road spanning the Connecticut River between Columbia, N.H. and Lemington, VT. The style of Bridge is Howe truss and year of clear of Construction is 1912. The original cost of the colombia bridge is unknown as it is claimed by concerned authorities that no account book holds the financial details of this bridge construction.

The structural characteristics of the bridge has a length of 145’9″ with a clear span of 131’6″. It has an overall width 20’7″ with a roadway width of 14’8″, and a maximum vertical clearance of 13’1″. There is a half sheathing on the upstream side and full sheathing on the downstream side. It is posted for six tons. It is being maintained by the Town of Columbia. The world guide number is 29-04-07 and New Hampshire Number is 33. It is a historical bridge. Now its renovation was under the progress when the incident took place in the morning hours of the day.(PTI)