Mahesh Bhatt announces two more Punjabi films for 2016 under his name

By Jasjeet Singh

July 25, 2016

Seems like Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt is fast getting smitten with Punjabi film industry. For, the director’s recent tweets suggest that in addition to his upcoming Punjabi flick Dushman (slated for a September release), Bhatt has fastened his belt for two more Punjabi films this year. These films will be produced by Vinay Bhardwaj, who is also producing Mahesh Bhatt’s first Punjabi project- Dushman, starring Kartar Cheema and Jashan Singh.

Gearing up to unveil the film’s poster on Monday, Bhatt, shares notes on his new found fascination for Punjabi films, “Punjab has stories embedded in every village, in every heart and I would love to present them on screen.” Interestingly, to Bhatt, his decision of coming up with two more Punjabi films, before the release of his first project, doesn’t seem hasty. “I am a story teller; I am not an actor or a money bank who first sees how the first project works, weighs the market and then decides. I will go on telling my stories, and Punjab definitely has lots of stories to tell.”

Bhatt has also lent his voice, (in Punjabi, of course) as the sutradaar of Dushman. “I am not looking at these films as ones made in Punjabi, they are films, which means they deserve a similar treatment that I give to my other films,” adds the director.

Debutant producer Vinay Bhardwaj, who hails from Chandigarh sees this as a great step ahead for Punjabi cinema. According to the nouveau producer, Dushman is a project which “I am sure will win hearts of people across Punjab.” He added that Mahesh Bhatt’s association with the project, will add a unique flavour to the film. “I met Mahesh Bhatt while I was presenting some of his plays in Delhi and around and we decided to do a Punjabi film together. All the three Punjabi films will be purely Mahesh Bhatt style, the only difference is that they will be in Punjabi,” recounts Vinay.

The young producer wishes to give the technicians of the Punjabi entertainment industry a chance to work with a prolific filmmaker like Mahesh Bhatt. Vinay, definitely doesn’t give much credence to the word risk. “Others might see it as a risky probability; to me, however, it is pure passion for Punjabi films. I have complete trust in Mahesh Bhatt and his vision. Even though people have been telling me that it is only comedy that works in Punjab, I would say any film with a good story backed by a good team and a fine director can create wonders.”

Dushman is directed by Shagufta, who wrote the screenplay and dailogues for film like Jism 2.