Tarsem Jassar's ‘Rangle Chubare's is the latest musical gem available


Tarsem Jassar’s ‘Rangle Chubare’s is the latest musical gem available

By Nidhi Bhanot

August 07, 2018

His writings will make you think twice, his voice has an amazing magnetic effect and he is the whole-sole brand ambassador of ‘vattan vaali’ turban. We are talking about none other than Tarsem Singh Jassar who with his films and songs have created such a pillar for Punjabi entertainment industry that not just Jassar but many more artists are coming up with more and more of meaningful cinema and songs.

Taking this responsibility ahead on his shoulders Tarsem Singh Jassar is back with another meaningful song from his album Turbanator, titled as ‘Rangle Chubare’. Composed by Tarsem himself the song has also been written by the ace singer himself. But for the time being, only the lyrical video has been released on Jassar’s home company Vehli Janta Records. All of his fans have to wait for official music video, let’s hope it gets released on its earliest.