Tarsem Jassar’s ‘Geet De Wargi‘ is full of love

By Kajal Choudhary

February 09, 2018

Tarsem Jassar’s ‘Geet De Wargi‘ is finally out. After making fans to wait anxiously for the release, Tarsem Jassar has given a beautiful melody. So pleasing to the ear, the song is perfect for the season of love. Besides the subtle and cool upbeats, there is definitely more.

The music video is definitely worth a repeated watch. From the exquisite location to the fancy cars and the antique, the music video is captivating. As seen in the song poster, Tarsem flaunts his Sardari with a swag that only exudes more of his charm. The model Oshin Brar together with Tarsem Jassar have displayed a wonderful act in the music video.


Source: https://www.gabruu.com/