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Christmas preparations: Christmas Eve traditions are a fun part of celebrating the holiday, but not everyone has the same traditions. Christmas Eve traditions around the world change drastically depending on where you live. This really isn’t much of a surprise if you think about how the various cultures on the Earth differ from one another. However, it is still interesting to see what others do to celebrate on the day before Christmas.

Venezuelans are known for their love of fireworks and Christmas is no exception – residents awake to the sound of firecrackers exploding in the street, adding to the peel of church bells. Skating to mass became so popular that the government took to closing streets until 8am so that families could skate together in safety. In some areas, food stalls sell traditional Christmas fare (more on that later) but this has declined in recent years due to safety concerns.Christmas preparationsNo one does Christmas better than the Germans. So with the festive season upon us, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to follow for the perfect German Christmas.Christmas preparationsOn the eve of Christmas people Head to the Christmas markets, decorate their house, go to church, pick their tree, go to an Advent concert and much more fun.Christmas preparationsLike Christmas cards sprung to life, some of America’s towns go all out for the holidays. From coast to coast, these communities go to great lengths to make the season bright by decking out their streets with twinkling lights by the thousands or even millions.Christmas preparationsIn these towns, window decorations, holiday markets, and towering Christmas trees all make for a very festive December. Here are the ten U.S. towns with incredilbe Christmas celebrations.Christmas preparations

In Mexico, Families come together for dinner on Christmas Eve and then head off to attend Midnight Mass. They also bring poinsettias to the church with them as gifts to Jesus Christ.Christmas preparationsChristianity arrived in Mexico along with Spanish Catholic priests in the 16th century. With the priests and Catholicism came the celebration of Christian holidays, including Christmas.Christmas preparationsSome of the Christmas traditions that Mexicans celebrate to this day are a result of the influence of these first priests, though many have grown and changed over time and others have been added as a result of interactions with other cultures.Christmas preparations