Punjab Govt. accepts demands of Aaganwadis’ but will applicable in next year


Punjab Govt. accepts demands of Aaganwadis’ but will applicable in next year

By Kajal Choudhary

July 19, 2018

Narinder Jagga

Chandigarh: Series of protests have compelled the Government to accept the demands of Aaganwadi workers and Helpers. The Government has decided to increased remuneration of approximately 54,000 workers and helper Rs 1000 and 500 per month, respectively, which will have financial burden of Rs 48 crore annually on the state exchequer , but this decision will be applicable from the next financial year 2018-19.

Besides it, it was also decided to enhance the age of both volunteers till 70 years and after the retirement, Rs one lacs and Rs 50,000 will be given to worker and helper, respectively. Seeing the financial position of the State, the Unions ‘have agreed to accept the assurances. It was decided in a meeting held between the Minister Aruna Chaudhry and three Aaganwadi outfits of the State. Later talking to reporters, the Minister told that if the state’s economic situation goes better, then their other demands will be considered.

The State Government had called Presidents of three outfits Hargobind Kaur of All Punjab Aaganwadi Employees Union, Usha Rani National President of Aaganwadi Employee Union, Punjab (CITU) and Saroj Chhapriwala of All India Aaganwadi worker-helper Union, Punjab (AITUC) by the Minister Aruna Chaudhry to sort out the demands. It was believed last meeting of series between Unions ‘and Minister.

Political Secretary of CM, Captain Sandeep Sandhu, Director of Child and women welfare Kavita Singh were also present in the meeting, which held at Civil Secretariat, today. The minister introduced them with the financial crunch of the State and assured better response in future after the improving the financial situation. Besides remuneration and retirement age, withdrawal of kids back to Aaganwadi centers and some other issues were finalized. But the new remuneration package will come into force from April, 2019.

Leader of Union Hargobind Kaur said that they will wait till July 31 and if the notification is not issued, their struggle will continue, which has been going since last 171 days in Bathinda. Leader of another Outfit, Usha Rani also told that considering the financial condition of the State, they are agree, but their struggle will be continued for Haryana pattern. Notable, in the budget session March, 2018, while replying to a question the then concerned Minister Razia Sultana had categorically denied enhancing the remuneration of Aaganwadi workers and helpers.