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Gaining weight? Heavy work pressure may be the reason

Gaining weight? Heavy work pressure may be the reason. It turns out gaining weight because of heavy work pressure is not just an abstract concept. A recent study suggests that heavy pressures at work seem to predispose women to weight gain irrespective of whether they have received an academic education or not. As part of

PGI patient management
PGI Post: App-based referral system for patient management in PGI

WAMIL VASHISHT Chandigarh In lieu of the ever-increasing patient inflow at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Jiyyo Referral Software, an app-based system is being practised to prevent nonlinear and inappropriate referral of patients to PGI. As per the information, the system at PGI will enable to receive proactive information about the

Climbing stairs is good for the heart: Study

Climbing stairs is good for the heart: Study. According to a recent study, a few minutes of stair climbing at short intervals throughout the day can improve cardiovascular health. The research published in the Journal Applied Physiology suggests that virtually anyone can improve their fitness, anywhere, any time by ditching elevators and taking the stairs.

Skilled labour GST handloom industry
Lack of skilled labour, GST affect handloom industry

HIGHLIGHTS  Suffered setback of declining business and skilled labour  GST emerged as big factor for declining business as about 30-40 small-scale industries vanished and labour disappeared  Annual turnover came down by 30 per cent in the city RAVINDER SINGH MALIK Panipat Panipat has been known for its handloom industry across the world

Lifestyle cancer
Lifestyle contributes to cancer quite a bit

LIFESTYLE ADDS TO 50-60 PC CANCER CASES, SAYS EXPERTS WAMIL VASHISHT Chandigarh Sedentary lifestyle along with unbalanced diet, stress, consumption of alcohol, tobacco etc. can give rise to 50-60 per cent chances of the prevalence of cancer in a human, say the experts. The other side of the causes covers factors such as age, infections,

Siddaganga seer Shivakumara Swami passes away

Siddaganga seer Shivakumara Swami passes away. Swami, the pontiff of Sree Siddaganga Matha, passed away here on Monday after a prolonged illness. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy told media here that Swami passed away at 11:44 am. The cremation will take place on Tuesday at 4:30 pm. The 111-year-old Lingayat was being treated for a lung

BJP president Amit Shah discharged from AIIMS
BJP president Amit Shah discharged from AIIMS

BJP president Amit Shah discharged from AIIMS. Amit Shah has been discharged from the All India Institutes of Medical Science (AIIMS) and has reached his residence, BJP leader Anil Baluni said on Sunday. Shah was diagnosed with swine flu on Wednesday and was undergoing treatment at the AIIMS under the supervision of Director Dr Randeep

A man’s heavy sweating led to unexpected diagnosis

A man’s heavy sweating led to unexpected diagnosis. A case study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine wrote about how a 60-year-old man who struggled with unexplained sweating episodes for three years was diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures by the doctors. The man, who was otherwise healthy had “an average of 8 discrete episodes

Fasting can improve overall health, study suggests

Fasting can improve overall health, study suggests. Fasting can lead to improved health and provide protection against aging-associated diseases, a recent study suggests. According to the research, fasting affects circadian clocks in the liver and skeletal muscle, causing them to rewire their metabolism, which can ultimately lead to improved health and protection against ageing-associated diseases.

Conference young scientists radiology
Conference of young scientists on radiology

The 72nd Annual Conference, organized by the Chandigarh Chapter of Indian Radiology and Imaging Association (IRIA), in collaboration with the Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging, PGIMER will highlight the specialized technologies in Radiology such as Artificial Intelligence, Interventional Radiology. The confernce, which is being organized in the city by IRIA after a gap of 20

Schools of 9 dists still have no counselling centres, psychologist for stress busting
Schools of 9 dists still have no counselling centers, psychologist for stress busting

RAVINDER SINGH MALIK Chandigarh Claims of the Haryana government to manage the academic stress of students seem insufficient as the department could not set up counselling centre and appoint counsellors and psychologist in 9 districts of the state so far. Academic stress due to the educational expectations from examination system, parents, teahcers, peers and family

Swine flu Punjab Haryana
Swine flu spreads its fangs in Punjab and Haryana

LACK OF AWARENESS, DELAY IN TREATMENT ARE THE MAJOR REASONS OF DEATHS Six deaths in Punjab Influenza-A H1N1 virus commonly known as Swine flu which claimed 76 deaths in Punjab in year 2017 is again spreading fear in the state. Last year, it had caused 10 deaths. This year, so far, six deaths have been

Chinese kite flying cut
Chinese make a cut in Lohri festivities of Ludhiana

SEVERAL INJURED WITH CHINESE THREAD USED IN KITE FLYING IN LUDHIANA SUKHPREET SINGH Ludhiana The people, who have sustained injuries in the past due to the banned Chinese string, have sought a complete curb on the sale of such products. Chinese or nylon string, which is used for flying kites, is banned but even then

Heat therapy diabetic patients
Heat therapy may damage feet of diabetic patients

DP CORRESPONDENTLudhiana Sitting near bonfire or giving heat therapy by hot water bottle in winter season may damage the feet of diabetic patients. The doctors stated that the feet could be burnt or patients may see blisters in the sole of feet. The patients with such problems are increasing in, said Dr Parminder Singh of

Doctors Medical Injury Bill
Doctors insist on the Medical Injury Compensation Bill

INTRODUCTION OF BILL WOULD DO AWAY WITH THE CURRENT SITUATION DP CORRESPONDENTChandigarhDoctors under the Medicos Legal Action Group (MLAG) have insisted on the introduction of the Medical Injury Compensation Bill. The group has petitioned the Prime Minister to introduce the bill. Doctors have stressed that they are the only group which can be penalized in

Winter Season health
How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe During the Winter Season

The Winter season can be busy and exciting. With so many events like family dinners, holiday parties, and the preparation and planning for gift giving, we have plenty of distractions to keep us from focusing on our health and taking care of ourselves as we would normally. Furthermore, once the holiday season is over, many

PGI’s cash outreach Chandigarh
PGI’s cash-starved outreach programme

WAMIL VASHISHT Chandigarh Funds crunch has taken a toll on the operations of the outreach programme ‘Asha Jyoti’ by Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) facilitating screening of breast cancer, cervical cancer and osteoporosis. The authorities have struggled to raise funds for the outreach health van, including its maintenance and operational costs.

Alex Michael Turner Fitness Model in the Industry
Alex Michael Turner Fitness Model in the Industry

Alex is an American Fitness Model has become known for his amazing body among the athletes based in United States & won many competitions till the date also he has known for his rippling abs and incredibly strong physique. He continues to motivate and inspire people all over the world while working as an Executive Director

How to prepare your body for the winter

How to prepare your body for the winter. Winter brings with it a number of health issues, from dry skin and common colds to joint pains and respiratory troubles. Things get worse because of the pollution in the air. So it is important to prepare your body to battle with winter health issues by improving

Excessive watch of cartoons affects overall development of children including speech therapy

Nidhi Bhanot Ludhiana Excessive watch of cartoons affects overall development of children including speech therapy. Watching cartoon characters on the cartoon network at television for long hours is rendering kids virtually in to cartoons as city doctors are coming across children who speak like the cartoon characters and want to be like them in their