Jun 10

Air pollution may worsen childhood rheumatic diseases

London: Exposure to air pollution may have a direct role in triggering diseases as well as airway inflammation in children and adolescents with rheumatic conditions such as lupus, a chronic, autoimmune disease that causes inflammation, pain and swelling. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or lupus can damage any part of the body. In addition to affecting

How to manage diabetes during fasting

New Delhi: Diabetic patients who fast during Ramadan are likely to be at risk of major health complications. Hence they should fast only if their doctors consider them fit enough, experts say. The month-long period that is typically marked by long fasting hours during daylight hours is followed by grand feast each evening after sunset

Criticising your daughter for weight not a good idea

New York: Passing judgement on your daughter about her weight in youth is more likely to cause her a poor body image, finds a new study suggesting that it may also impact her negatively in her later life. The findings show that commenting on a girl’s weight in her youth is more likely to make

Sexual transmission could reignite contained Ebola outbreaks

New York: Sexual transmission of the deadly Ebola virus could have a major impact on the dynamics of the disease, potentially reigniting an outbreak that has been contained by public health interventions, a study says. The potential for sexual transmission is high for three to four months after the virus has been cleared from the

Scientists design protein to modify memory

New York: Scientists have developed a new tool to modify brain activity and memory in targeted ways, without the help of any drugs or chemicals. The new tool is a protein that can be encoded in animal genomes to effectively switch off their inhibitory synapses — connections between neurons — increasing their electrical activity. The

Green tea may help treat Down’s syndrome: study

London: A compound present in green tea may help improve cognitive ability in people with Down’s syndrome, scientists have found for the first time. Researchers showed that epigallocatechin gallate together with a cognitive stimulation protocol, might improve some cognitive domains in individuals with Down’s syndrome and may modify the excitability and functional connectivity of their

Saturated fat tied to breast cancer in post-menopausal women

New York: While unhealthy weight gain after menopause may put you at increased risk of breast cancer, a lot may depend on the the type of fat that makes up fatty breast tissue, says a study. The researchers found that higher proportion of saturated fatty acids in breast of post menopausal women may particularly increase

Regular yoga may improve life of cancer survivors: study

New York: Practising yoga regularly may helpcancer survivors sleep better and have an improved quality of life, a new study suggests. Researchers from University of Rochester in the US found that those who did two 75 minute yoga sessions a week for a month were less tired and had better social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Diet, exercise best ways to beat cancer: study

Washington: Patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer should exercise and stick to a diet, as shedding kilos is the best way to fight the disease, researchers say. Scientists found that a daily brisk walk of 25 minutes almost halved the mortality among breast cancer patients while a waistline larger than 35 inches rose death

New treatment shows promise against aggressive anal cancer

New York: Researchers have identified a promising new antibody that can help patients with aggressive and metastatic anal cancer. The findings, of the first clinical trial for metastatic patients, showed that the treatment with antibody nivolumab — one of the drugs represented among the growing arsenal of immunotherapy therapies — may help a majority of

New drug found effective against aggressive bladder cancer

New York: A new drug that harnesses the immune system to attack tumours has been found highly effective against advanced bladder cancer in an international clinical trial. Injections of the experimental agent atezolizumab were found to shrink tumours by at least 30 per cent and stall new tumour growth in 28 of 119 patients. All

Exercise can reduce chemotherapy-induced numbness in feet

New York: Exercise could offer a simple and inexpensive way to reduce weakness, numbness and pain in hands and feet due to chemotherapy, new research has found. The study, involving more than 300 cancer patients, directly compared the neuropathic symptoms in non-exercisers to the pain among patients who took part in a specialized six-week walking

New blood test to boost cancer treatment

London: Researchers have found a new test that can detect changes in the levels of metabolites in the blood and help identify whether a cancer drug is working as designed or not. According to researchers, cancer drugs affect the amount of metabolites — the building blocks of fats and proteins — present in the blood

Obese toddlers consume larger meals but don’t eat more often

London: Obese infants consume larger mealsbut do not eat more frequently than healthy toddlers, a new study has found. Hayley Syrad from University of London in the UK and colleagues used parent- reported intake for 2564 children aged 4-18 months to study meal size and meal frequency in relation to weight. They found that overweight

Can dietary supplements prevent Alzheimer’s?

Toronto: A dietary supplement containing a blend of 30 vitamins and minerals has the potential to slow the progress of catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, researchers say. The supplement has shown remarkable anti-ageing properties that can prevent and even reverse massive brain cell loss, according to the study by Ontario’s McMaster University researchers.

Brazil sees ‘flower power’ as weapon against Zika-carrying mosquito

Rio de Janeiro: With global attention focused on the Aedes aegypti mosquito that carries the Zika virus, researchers in Brazil are pursuing a way to battle the insect with flower power. The project, led by Mario Alberto Cardoso da Silva Neto, a professor at Rio de Janeiro Federal University, centres on the idea of injecting

Weight-loss surgery may cut death rate in obese patients

London: Obese individuals who undergo a weight loss surgery are less likely to face death, than those do not undertake a surgery, finds a new study. Being obese can increase an individual’s risk of mortality from numerous diseases like heart attack, stroke and a number of cancers. Bariatric surgery has shown to prevent obesity related

Flu vaccine during pregnancy can protect newborns

New York: Immunising mothers against flu can decrease the risk of their infants getting influenza during the first four months after birth by 70 percent, a study says. “These results are an important early step toward implementing maternal immunisation against influenza to protect young infants, and the results are impressively positive,” said senior author Myron

Walnuts may shield you from colon cancer

New York: Eating 28 grams of walnuts everyday may change gut bacteria in a way that suppresses colon cancer, a new research has found. “Our results show for the first time that walnut consumption may reduce colon tumour development,” said principal investigator Daniel Rosenberg of University of Connecticut Health Centre in the US. The researchers

New wearable device could predict, prevent asthma attacks

New York: Asthma patients may soon do away with their inhalers as researchers, including one of Indian origin, have developed an integrated, wearable system that monitors a user’s environment, heart rate and other physical attributes with the goal of predicting and preventing asthma attacks. “We have tested the system in the benchtop and on a