A Pilgrimage to Derthu Can Give You Wordshworhian Bliss


A Pilgrimage to ‘Derthu’ is a Wordshworhian Bliss in Woods

By Kajal Choudhary

April 11, 2018

Jagdish Bali

Nestled in the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh that signifies the province laden with snow is rich in nature’s beauty and bounty. Here nature showcases itself in different aspects and phenomena. Impossible for the lovers of nature to ignore the fascinating invitation of the snow-capped hills, vast valleys, inviting grounds, dense forests, exhilarating glades, charming pastures, rivers and ravines, arresting waterfalls, snakelike roads, lush farmlands, orchards and flower and fruit laden trees. This all is an irresistible feast to the eyes of the travellers and tourists. Thus unique and privileged, the state is no less than other hilly states and can easily be called a heaven on earth.

However, there are places, and they are in plenty that are keeping a low profile on tourist map. The real fun of being a tourist is just to loaf around. One such place is Derthu which is nestled amidst dense forest near Narkanda in Shimla district at a height of about 3000 meter.

Though basically a place of pilgrims for the devotees of Goddess Durga, yet it has much more to offer. The pilgrimage in such an enchanting environ becomes a joy for ever. The temple dedicated to Maa Durga at Derthu is thronged by people during Navratras in March and October. However, nowadays it is being renovated and is turning into a beautiful specimen of wood work and carving.

Those coming to Narkanda can take a day off to visit this place and it is assured that you are going to have a refreshing and adventurous jaunt. Moving ahead about a kilometer from Narkanda on Hindustan Tibet Road, a kucha road branches off from it at a broad turn termed as Narkanda kainchi by the locals. This leads through the dense forest to Derthu. As you move in, various kinds of pine trees, rhododendron laden with red flowers and tress with broad leaves are standing there welcoming the guests as an inviting host saying hello to with their cool soothing air that ruffles against the faces of the through the open car window.

The ten-km ascent in your car on the bumpy, winding and undulating road is exciting and is a real adventure. Ahead many points and upward bends throw a real challenge to the driver. With the wheels rotating, your car may squeal or screech but may refuse to budge. But those, who keep their nerves, can succeed after third or fourth try. But those, who can’t make it any further to the destination in their cars, need not worry.

They can pull over three or four km before and see that more fun and frolic is awaiting them. Believe your feet and wander lonely as a cloud and take my word that not all who wander are lost. You will find a half-an- hour-walk more adventurous. In the earlier days Derthu was a junction for the people of Narkanda, Matiana, Kandru and Kangal area who followed this path for various reasons.

Choose a bright sunny day in the month from late March to June or October to November to visit this abode of goddess. The shimmery of sun rays making ways through tree leaves striking you and the earth is rare delight. You will feel playing hide and seek with suns and shades. There is nothing as serene as seeing the lush green sprawling meadows amongst lofty pine trees.

At least one or two may seem semblances of Naldehra Golf Course. Cows and bulls grazing in the green meadows present the nature in its pristine glory. You can come across the kothas, a temporary dwelling made from mud, straw, sticks and logs by nomad Gujjars who come to the area with their livestocks, especially buffaloes. In such an ambience, one can’t think of anything better than this that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder and ecstatic delight.

The sight of white sheet of snow covering the shady patches in the month of April gives a feeling of rare coolness in the hot summer day. But yes, don’t forget to capture the beauty with your high pixel camera so that later when on your couch you may enjoy Words worthian bliss. For the lover of nature’s bountiful beauty, Derthu is an irresistible destination. The brief stay and walk in the woods will surely fill you with rare delight and in communion with nature, your soul will feel rejuvenated. Oh yes! Don’t forget to capture the beauty with your high pixel camera so that later when on your couch you may enjoy Wordsworthian bliss. Good road, staying facility and some recreational modes can change this enchanting abode into a tourists’ hot spot.