How to Prepare for GATE 2019 in 4 Months?

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How to Prepare for GATE 2019 in 4 Months?

By Nidhi Bhanot

August 22, 2018

With the exam season around the corner, it is time to gear up for yet another national level exam of prominent importance; Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2019. Since the exam will be conducted in February, therefore it is important to accelerate your preparations so as to ace this exam for secured admissions as one cannot simply write the same on good faith alone. A lot of hard work and determination is required at a steady rate to go all the way to the top. Now since this is the 8th month of the year, it also makes perfect sense to kick-start GATE 2019 preparations as soon as possible, whether it is through tuition’s or coaching centers or self-studies or a combination of all three. Here are some of the preparation techniques you would surely require to ace the exam.

Know the Syllabus

The first point is to be as thorough as possible with the entire syllabus of GATE 2019, including the latest changes or additions of topics, number of sections etc.

GATE exam is usually conducted for 23 papers, but this year we do have a new addition of ‘Statistics’ paper, making it a total of 24 papers. As students are aware that they can give only any one of these papers, so, therefore, knowing their core subjects and choosing wisely is advised. The list of papers and their respective syllabi can be easily confirmed from the official site.

It is also equally important to understand the total sections, weightage and marks distribution of respective paper, negative marking and the total number of questions section-wise for better planning of studies. For instance, the Aerospace Engineering paper for GATE 2019 is expected to have Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude carrying 15% of total marks each and rest 70% being carried by core subject area. Likewise, it can be similar or different for the rest of the other 23 papers such as Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, and Life Sciences etc.

Study from Previous Year Papers

Once thorough with the syllabus study, the next step is going through sample papers, solved question papers and even model papers of previous GATE exams to understand important questions or topics for better scoring. This is best when practiced with, just after studying the concepts and also during revisions.

The previous year’s question papers of GATE exam are available on the official site. Apart from this, they can be found on various other online platforms such as, etc. The key is to practice with precision both in the case of self-study or coaching centres.

Mock Tests and Test Series

The next commonly followed preparation technique is practicing with mock tests and test series, a highly effective method. Since mock tests give an actual feel of the exam, students can end up feeling more confident before giving the real exam especially with regard to paper patterns or total number of questions, marks distribution etc. Some of the popular online platforms providing the same include gradeup, engineersacademy, madeeasy, gateonlinetests, etc.

Online Study Material

There is plenty of online study material both paid and free available for fast-track preparations which provide you online video tutorials and lectures to study from. You can access the mock question papers as well after going through the videos to get a complete understanding of the topic. Some of the important and useful websites are: Gateacenotes,,, Grade Up,, etc.

Constant Revision is important

Constant revision, be it weekly or fortnightly, is the next preparation technique and perhaps the most important one, for any student looking to ace GATE 2019. With varied chapters and topics, such revisions can help in recalling important concepts at ease. Even better, giving as much as one to two months of ample time of revisions is a smart way to go about this technique. However, this can depend upon each student’s speed and individual capacity to study.

Sometimes it is also better to come up with fun ways to make revisions interesting such as using quizzes, memory tests, group studies, flashcards, personal notes etc. Most importantly, it is wiser to have an individual timetable study plan always with the requisitehours, topic wise and subject wise. This not only makes a student punctual in his/her studies but also help them in better time management for revisions, mock tests, question paper references etc.

Best GATE preparation Books

Lastly, we come to using GATE books, textbooks, and question banks for GATE 2019 exam preparations. This is also a useful preparation technique for those who prefer offline study materials.

Textbooks are a great source of reference because of their availability and accessibility, anytime, anywhere, especially with their sections on important questions chapter wise and topic wise and even miscellaneous questions. Some important reference books include Design of Machine Elements by V.B.Bhandari, Fluid Mechanics by R.K.Bhansal, GATE & ESE-2019: Engineering Mathematics, Theory of machines by S. Ratan, Manufacturing science by Ghosh & Mallik, Database concepts by Korth&Sudarshanetc.

As of now, the official notification for GATE 2019 has already been released on July 6, 2018. The application forms for the same is said to be made available from September 1st onwards with the last date being September 21st and extended date of registrations being October 1st. One can expect the final exam results by March 16th, 2019. The official notification of GATE 2019 can be accessed through the GATE official website for further updates. In the meantime, just make sure that you are up to date with your syllabus and varied concepts for a strong hold on conceptual analysis and application is needed to ace the GATE exam.