Jul 08

Switzerland enforces burqa ban

London: A ban on burqas has been enforced in Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino region with anyone wearing a full face veil being subjected to fines. The authorities in Ticino rolled out the restriction on July 1, banning people from wearing the burqas in shops, restaurants and public buildings, the Daily Mail reported on Friday. The local

10 killed, 100 hurt in Pak while performing bike stunts on Eid

Lahore: At least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured while performing dangerous stunts by riding bikes rashly in between the traffic in Pakistan’s different cities on the occasion of Eid, officials said today. Seven persons lost their lives while performing stunts on motorcycles in Punjab province’s Faisalabad, two in Bahawalpur and

Elderly Indian-American jailed for 15 months for fraud

Washington: A 61-year-old Indian-American businessman has been jailed for 15 months and fined for conspiring to commit fraud in the US by illegally obtaining over USD six million in contracts meant for small and disadvantaged businesses in the country. Tarsem Singh, a businessman from Fairfax in Virginia, pled guilty to the charge in last December

Double-car bomb attack kills six near Aden airport: Military

Dhaka: The Islamic State terror group on Wednesday issued a new chilling video warning the Bangladesh government of more attacks in the country and across the world until Shariah law is established globally, saying last week’s gruesome attack on a cafe here was just “a glimpse”. The video message believed to be issued from Raqqa,

Suicide bombings shake Saudi Arabia, four dead at holy site

Riyadh: Three suicide bombings have struck across Saudi Arabia in a single day, including a shocking attack at Islam’s second holiest site, the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, where four security guards were killed. Monday’s attacks on Islam’s spiritual home came as Muslims prepare for the feast this week marking the end of the holy fasting

Ostrich relative that lived 50 mn years ago traced

New York: Analysis of fossil remains dating 50 million years represent a new species that is a previously unknown relative of the modern-day ostrich, researchers say. The bird fossils were found more than a decade ago, completely intact with bones, feathers, and soft tissues in a former lake bed in Wyoming in the US. “This

Shorten demands Turnbull’s resignation

Melbourne: Australia’s opposition Laborleader Bill Shorten today demanded Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s resignation, describing him as “the David Cameron of the southern hemisphere” who has made a “bad situation worse”. With the prospect of a hung parliament still looming, Shorten said that Turnbull should resign because he cannot command his own party and the voters have

Federal Elections: Labour party- 71 seats, Libral- 67, Negotiation kicks

Sydney: Negotiations kicked off on Sunday between the coalition led by Liberal Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the opposition Labour Party headed by Bill Shorten, after the possibility emerged from Saturday’s elections that neither would win the majority. According to the Australian Electoral Commission, the Labour Party now has 71 seats and the Liberal-National

Baby shot in head in Bristol

London: A one-year-old boy has been shot inthe head with an air rifle in Bristol and police have charged two people in connection with the incident, media reports said today. Harry Studley remains in a critical condition in Bristol Children’s Hospital after being shot on Friday. Jordan Walters, 24, and Emma Jane Horseman, 23, of

Australia faces possibility of minority government

Sydney: Australia now faces the possibility of having a minority government, as the ballot counting in the federal elections was paused on Sunday with the result of Saturday’s polls still too close to call. The official Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) tally has the Liberal-National coalition of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 64 seats, while Bill

Top ISIL leaders killed in US airstrike: Pentagon

Washington: Two top ISIL commanders have been killed in the US airstrike in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the Pentagon has announced and hoped that this would help in liberating Mosul from the control of the dreaded terror group. “Coalition forces conducted an airstrike against two ISIL senior military commanders on June 25 near Mosul,

US lifts ban on transgenders to serve in the military

Washington: In a historic decision, the Pentagon has lifted the ban on transgender Americans to serve in the United States military, a move which is being hailed across the country. “We are ending the ban on transgender Americans in the United States military,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told reporters at a Pentagon news conference. “Effective

Will work with other members for India’s entry into NSG: US

Washington: The United States has expressed disappointment over India not getting entry into the NSG and asserted that it would continue to work constructively with other countries of the group for New Delhi’s inclusion in the 48-nation atomic trading bloc. “We’re not going to let that go,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby told reporters yesterday.

2 transgender women running for US Congress could make history

Los Angeles: Two transgender women have been selected by primary voters in Utah and Colorado to run for the US Congress in November. Democrats Misty Snow and Misty Plowright would make history if elected. Snow, 30, a Utah grocery store clerk, is running for the Senate while Plowright, 33, a Colorado army veteran and former

Queen’s estate value touches record 12 billion pounds

London: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is setfor a 2.8 million pounds pay increase next year as her Crown Estate’s value rose 9.7 per cent to 12 billion pounds this year, it was reported today. The 90-year-old monarch made a record 304 million pounds for the UK Treasury after her estate, which owns London’s Regent Street

British opposition leader faces no-trust motion

London: MPs from Britain’s opposition Labour Party were on Tuesday voting on a motion of no confidence against leader Jeremy Corbyn. The secret ballot comes after Corbyn told supporters at a rally outside Parliament to not “let those people who wish us ill to divide us”. Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter was the latest to

New York celebrates gay pride, mourns Orlando massacre victims

New York: New York was decked in rainbow colours as thousands marched through the city in a parade marked by gay pride celebrations and mourning for the recent Orlando massacre. According to initial calculations, nearly 30,000 people on Sunday took part in the Gay Pride march this year, the largest number recorded in this city

Plane catches fire while making emergency landing in Singapore

Singapore: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight caught fire while making an emergency landing at the island nation’s Changi Airport on Monday. Flight SQ368 had departed Singapore for Milan, Italy at 2.05 a. m., Xinhua news agency reported About two hours into the flight, the pilot announced that there was an engine problem and the flight

6-year-old boy accidentally shoots, kills brother, 4, in US

New York: In yet another shooting incident in the US involving toddlers, a six-year-old boy playing with his mother’s gun accidentally shot and killed his four-year- old brother. The older boy was playing with his mother’s loaded gun at the family’s third-floor apartment in New Jersey when he accidentally shot his brother in the head,

Police charge mother of 4-year-old shot in Philadelphia home

Philadelphia:  Philadelphia police have charged the mother of a 4-year-old girl who died after being shot with third-degree murder. Authorities yesterday also accused the mother, 25-year-old Shakeia Holmes, of trying to cover up what happened. Police say it appears the gunshot to the girl’s right eye was self-inflicted, though autopsy results are pending. Holmes is