Punjab CM denies demand of ministers to mark name on foundation stones

By Kajal Choudhary

August 01, 2018

Narinder Jagga

Punjab CM denies demand of ministers to mark name on foundation stones. The Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh has denied the demand of some Ministers to mark the name of Ministers or MLAs on foundation and inauguration stones of development works. In the cabinet meeting, which was held on Monday, some Ministers raised the issue after the agendas discussion, but the CM has denied giving his dissent saying it fall under VIP culture. Some other ministers also supported the stand of CM.

The CM had prevented the tradition of marking names on the foundation or inauguration stones across the State in his move to end VIP culture, in his first meeting, immediately after the formation of government. Since one and half year, no MLA or Minister could able to inaugurate any foundation or inauguration. But the stones issue has been discussed informally many times in the Cabinet meetings and other meeting, informally with the CM.

It was their plea that in future, whenever any other party will come into power, it can start this move again , moreover nobody will able to know in the future about the development works done by the present Government. At one time, the consent was in positive mode to mark the name of foundation stone for the projects of Rs 50 lacs or above. Some Congress MLAs have also raised their support in this regard. In yesterdays ‘cabinet meeting, a minister raised the issue and two others endorsed it. As some ministers suspected, the finance minister opposed it and some other ministers also endorsed the step of FM. The issue was overwhelmed when the CM even describe it a part of VIP culture.