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BJP can make Prakash Singh Badal President Candidate

By Ritu Sharma

June 13, 2017

Various parties have gathered in preparation for presidential elections. The ruling Party BJP announced the formation of a three-member committee on Monday. This committee will make a consensus by discussing with the various political parties including the opposition on the issue of President Candidate. There is speculation that senior leader of Akali Dal Shiromani Akali Dal and former CM of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal can be made the Presidential candidate from BJP.

BJP’s plan According to sources, BJP believes that, not only NDA in the name of Parkash Singh Badal, but also some parties of the UPA and NCP can agree. A top NCP leader said, “Talking With BJP chief Amit Shah we got a signal about Badal Saheb. It would be difficult to oppose them. Parties like DMK who fought against the Akalis against the Emergency will not even challenge their name.”

Naidu’s possibilities are over! In the BJP’s committee, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu and Finance and Defence Minister Arun Jaitley have been included. As per speculation, Naidu himself was showing interest in the presidency. According to sources, Naidu’s involvement in the panel means that he has lost his possibilities for the post of President and Vice-President.

What will the opposition? Talking about the opposition parties, he was not sure about the candidacy of BJP candidate’s nomination. NCP leader Tariq Anwar said, “We do not think BJP will make Parkash Singh Badal a candidate by ignoring the person with any RSS background. The government has only 24,000 votes Least. ” It Is Mentionable Here that Tariq Anwar is a member of the sub-committee of opposition leaders regarding the presidential election. He said, “If we have to finalise the candidate, we will do that till 24th June.”