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British rule legacy ‘lal dora’ to be abolished in state soon

By Bhupinder Singh

January 04, 2018

Having come into force during the British regime in India, Punjab government is now all set to abolish the Lal-Dora rule. According to information, over 60 lakh persons in the state, who have been suffering from the conditions laid down under Lal-Dora’ in rural and urban areas, will be benefitted. Till today, there is no record of such residential areas in the government records. Land mafia has been witnessed to be active in grabbing pieces of land falling under the ‘Lal-Dora’ for the last few years. Even cases in revenue and judicial courts have been dismissed and defeated due to no record being available to prove ownership.

More than 70 per cent people residing in rural and urban residential areas have been living under ‘Lal-Dora.” The residents, who have been residing inside the ‘Lal-Dora”, have no documentary evidence of owning their piece of land. Due to this, the owner is notable to get loan or other facilities. Moreover, purchase or sale of such land is very difficult at genuine rates. Also, no owner is able to give guarantee on the be of his said property in courts or elsewhere. It can be said that all sale-purchase of these lands are believed to be unauthorised. Until a few years ago, the registration of such lands was done, but there was no mutation. But now, registration has been shut down. Witnessing the longstanding demand of residents, the previous government had issued a notification on December 16, 2016, in the last days of its term, to regularise such lands.

But due to lack of publicity, only a few applications had been submitted to get certificates. Moreover, the notification proved to be futile as the private agency, which had been assigned to define the land under Lal-Dora, had refused to work within the stipulated time frame of two to three months. In between, the state assembly elections were announced and the all works on this front had to be put on hold for the time-being. With the term completion of the previous government, the notification also got lapsed. Interestingly, the Lok Jan Shakti Party, led by Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, has been fighting for this cause.

A few days ago, a delegation of the party, led by its state president Kiranjit Singh Gehri, had met with Punjab Governor and submitted a memorandum to abolish “Lal—Dora” in the state. Speaking with Daily Post, Financial Commissioner (Revenue) Vini Mahajan said that process would be initiated soon as the state government was keen to sort out the ‘Lal Dora’ issue. She said that the Revenue Commissions will be constituted in two months and all disputes of land records including ‘Lal Dora would be solved in the commission. According to information, an agency would be hired to define the detail of land with the name of residing persons/units and later, objections would be sought and after that, the process will be started to abolish the Lal-Dora.