Bullock cart races can be a part of next Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur

By Daljit Mann

February 02, 2018

Nidhi Bhanot

Kila Raipur : – “Traditional Bullock cart races would be a part of next Rural Olympics to keep the tradition of these worldwide games alive”, these words were marked by the former Director Sports Punjab and Olympian Congress MLA Jalandhar cantt, Pargat Singh during his visit at the 82 Kila Raipur Sports Festival better known as the Rural Olympics worldwide.

He claimed to put forward a request letter to the Punjab Government for the start of bullock cart races on the footsteps of other states in the country where these races were also banned earlier.


As Pargat Singh talking to Daily Post said, “I have made questionnaire and proposal regarding bullock cart races issue of Kila Raipur Sports festival to put forward it in the forthcoming meeting with the high command. Like in other states I would try my best to revive these games in the rural Olympics.”

Pargat Singh further blamed the non-understanding of the deep routed facts and lack of English speaking in Punjab by the committees being formed to judge the cruelty against animals in case of bullock carts, “In the Punjab villagers keep their bullock like their sons they spend lakhs on their diet and well being. In no way they are cruel to them, but concerned committees don’t go deep into the facts before submitting the reports. He would request a deep rooted survey bon it and request to restart these races.” He further assured to bring out the youth from drugs and move them towards sports in Punjab.

He was the chief guest on first day of rural Olympics and graced the occasion by his presence, otherwise the charm of Kila Raipur Sports Festival was missing on day one in the absence of bullock cart races, daring acts, spectators and cultural functions. Earlier due to the traditional bullock cart races, sports lovers use to reach Kila Raipur Sports Festival from different parts of India and world, but now the vacant stands in stands speaks all together a different story this time.

Other than them just cycling, 200m and dogs races were done on the first day of the sports festival. This four day event has shrinked to three day event this year. It is worth mentioning that Bullock cart races was the lifeline of these games and people from all over world use to reach Kila Raipur to have a glimpse of bullock cart races. Moreover it is worth mentioning that still on the winners trophies of different categories the figures of bullock carts can be seen.

This time only one couple has came from the Australia to cover these games, but they are missing flavor of bullock cart races in rural Olympics. Ashiely and Susaina talking to Daily Post said, “We have specially came to watch bullock cart races in the Kila Raipur sports festival, but we are disappointed as found missing here. But still we are enjoying the rural flavor of the country. The couple was the only attraction as they competed in the tyre holding completion and won. Most of the people were not even aware about the start of the Kila Raipur Sports festival. Sukhvir Grewal, Secretary of Grewal Sports informed that they got the permission of dog races previous day only due to which they started the games today only.

He further informed, “We didn’t get the permission for bullock cart and horse races. Pargat Singh has come as a ray of hope for us and we are hopeful he would help us in restarting the traditional bullock cart races as its closure has affected the charm of the games among the masses.”

Rural Olympics is searching for a light which can put off the darkness regarding bullock cart races and they have a ray of hope and brightness in the form of Pargat Singh for their festival.