Samsung phone explodes in man's pocket in Jalandhar


Samsung phone explodes in man’s pocket in Jalandhar

By Neetu Batish

January 19, 2018

Samsung phone explodes in man’s pocket in Jalandhar: Samsung A7 mobile suddenly exploded in man’s pocket in Jalandhar. The left foot of the person was also blown away. He was admitted to the Burn Ward in Civil Hospital. However, doctors said that the person’s condition is out of danger now.The person has been identified as Praveen Sharma son of Suresh Sharma of Guru Amar Das Nagar. Praveen said that he works as an electrician and he was working in a house located in the Nohriyan market, suddenly, his phone Samsung A7 mobile, which he had bought for almost 33,000 a year and a 10 months ago exploded in his pocket. He got burned. The sound of the explosion was heard far. Keep ur mobile dry . Change the mobile battery if it is damaged. 1.Do not  answer calls while charging. 2.Do not watch videos while charging. 3.Do not keep coins or remote with mobile in pocket, magnetic power in battery can cause the mobile to explode.  Also, do not place 2 mobile phones in one pocket.

In this case, Rajesh Bahri, owner of the Central Electronic Office at Central Town, said that people generally do not care about these things while using mobile because of which the mobile explodes.