Foodgrains to be transported from Punjab as per FCI rates

By Bhupinder Singh

January 29, 2018

Foodgrains to be transported from Punjab as per FCI rates

Chandigarh – Punjab government has disbanded the state truck union and has decided to give first priority to the traders to transport the procured wheat from the mandis to warehouses during coming procurement season. According to sources, if the traders will not come forward then the tenders will be floated for the same. They said that the government has decided to pay transportation rate approved by the FCI. Earlier, the DCs were given authority to approve the rates. They said that these rates use to be than FCI approved rates.

Small transporters would be asked to participate in the tendering process, sources said. A meeting was held between the civil supplies department and commission agents three days ago in this regard. Truck unions had refused to transport foodgrains from mandis at the rate approved by the FCI in 2015. They claimed that at least 48 hours needed to unload the food grains in godown. They said that the state government has to set new freight rate which has increased 300 percent presently.

According to information, the food debt amount of is Rs 31,000 crore and the principal amount is only Rs 12,000 crore, remaining amount is interest. The government has decided to carry out transportation of foodgrains as per the FCI rates npw. According to new policy, the tenders will be invited for small clusters of three-four mandis, instead of 15–20 mandis, so that small transporters could participate in the tender process. But transporters will have to submit registration copies of vehicles which would be used for transportation of foodgrains.

Registration number would be loaded on the department website so that same number cannot be registered for transportation in other station. It is pertinent to mention that the CAG had stated in its report that during the 2009–14, the FCI and the agencies had hired 3,319 vehicles, but only 87 could be verified and out of these 15 were two wheelers, three-wheelers and cars etc.