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Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamalpur organized Inter Religion programme

By Neetu Batish

December 22, 2017

Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamalpur organized Inter Religion programme: Celebrating the great Festival of Christmas Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamalpur organized an Inter Religion programme in its Own Premises on Friday. The representative of the different regions was accorded with a warm welcome by the School Management. The Whole School got the divine ambience which filled every soul with festivity.

Fr. Peter Hans congratulated all on the joyous celebration of Christmas-the birth of Jesus Christ and threw light on the life of Lord Christ who ushered the path of innumerable virtues through his sermons and preachings to the whole world. He also said that festival of Christmas gives message of love, peace and universal brotherhood to the whole mankind.

Mullana Dr. M. Usman Rehmani, the representative of the Muslim community, presented the similar views of “One soul abides in all. There is one humanity and one brotherhood. The massage gives by all the prophets since the time immemorial is love, compassion and peace. All are equal.”

Bhupinder Singh the representative of the Sikh Community, remarkably advocated his views on the existence of the Omnipotent Who is one though on the earth this Supreme Power is believed and worshiped by various means.

Veena Bajaj and Richa Jain presenting the Hindu and Jain community shared their views on the existence of the Divine that has been looking after all the Creatures of this whole Universe. In all the ages this Supreme Power exists that has many ways it operates in this world.

The School children showcased different colourful performances related to the celebration of Christmas. The school Director Rev. Fr. Mathew Keeprath and school Principal Senior Sherin Thomas DM wished the whole gathering Merry Christmas and Happy New year. The guests were presented mementos and the Programme was culminated with the National Anthem.