Punjab: Congress lieutenants raise fingers against Captain Government


Punjab: Congress lieutenants raise fingers against Captain Government

By Kajal Choudhary

June 28, 2018

Narinder Jagga

Chandigarh: Once again the resentment has broken out in the ruling Punjab Congress. Known as a left hand of CM Amrinder Singh, a former Minister and MLA Rana Gurjit Singh raised finger against the performance of Captain Government. Talking to media, he alleged that although he is the part of the Government, but bureaucracy has not been listening even his voice. Other hand, the MP from Gurdaspur and former Punjab Congress President Partap Singh Bajwa, who is in abroad now, has described the Punjab Government with defected engine.

Despite very good majority of its own MLAs, the Congress Government has been facing revolt like situation since from its beginning. Posts are less in the Government, but aspirants are more, therefore resentment is prevailing among the MLAs. To oblige MLAs, the CM has got approved the some clauses to honour them with Chairman Post in the cabinet meeting today. But known as close to CM, former minister Rana KP has opened the front against his own government. In his interview with media, he said that no one is here listing to anyone. He was talking on the drug issue in the Punjab. He alleged that during his ministership, he had sought action against a Police officer, who was indulged in bribe case, but nobody care about his appeal. He said that he was saying it with responsibility that the same positon is going on till today.

MP Bajwa, who is Canada in these days, has given his statement that the Punjab Government is running with defective Engine. His utterance has created controversy in the Congress. Minister Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, while reacting on the statement, said that two bye-polls Gurdaspur Parliamentary and Shahkot Assembly polls have shown the good performance of CM Amrinder Singh, but man like Partap Singh Bajwa, who could not become Chief Minister, now beating the bushes. Minister demanded disciplinary action against Partap Singh Bajwa.