Punjab Govt. allots office to Bhattal in Civil Secretariat ignoring rules.

By Kajal Choudhary

September 10, 2018

Narinder Jagga

Punjab Govt. allots office to Bhattal in Civil Secretariat ignoring rules. After great pressure, the Punjab Civil Secretariat Administration has allotted a fine office of Minister’s rank in the secretariat to Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, who is vice-chairman of Punjab State Planning Board. Sources in the department told that although she has equal rank of minister, but despite that she was not entitled for the office in Secretariat. Administration advised her to shift in sector 33, where the office of Punjab planning board is situated, but she refused and continued to her stubbornness for the office in secretariat.

She has been allotted a room at seventh floor, room number 19, which was earlier with former minister Tota Singh, in previous Government. Sources told that as per rules no office had been allotted to Chairman of vice-chairman of any Board and Corporation in the Secretariat, except an office was allotted to Chairman of State’s planning board because the office of planning board at sector 33 was under renovation. After being appointed, Bhattal was demanding office in civil Secretariat. Earlier a small office was chosen for her at eighth floor, but the Administration had refused to allot her office. She had been allotted office in sector 17, but where she was feeling disconnected herself from the Government of her own party. Earlier, she has been obliged to waive off penal rent of a bungalow. Person close to her told that planning board has direct link with the Finance and other ministry, therefore the office should be with the office, where other offices exist.