Apr 16

Scientists create power-efficient graphene sensor to detect pollution

London: Scientists have created a graphene-based sensor and switch that can detect harmful air pollution in the home with very low power consumption. “In contrast to the commercially available environmental monitoring tools, this extreme sensing technology enables us to realise significant miniaturisation, resulting in weight and cost reduction in addition to the remarkable improvement in

Man deletes his whole company after typing wrong code 

London: In a bizzare incident, a man deleted his entire company and the websites of his clients by mistake after typing a wrong bit of code on his computer server.Marco Marsala, ran a web hosting company with over 1535 customers that looks after the servers and internet connections on which the files for websites are

Apps to enable hassle-free rides this odd-even season

New Delhi: The odd-even traffic rule — introduced in the capital in January for the first time and touted as a big success — returned from Friday. There are certain apps that can make your daily ride to office and back home a smooth exercise.While the Delhi government has ensured various measures for the aid

Heart cells controlled using a laser 

Moscow: Scientists have found how to control the behaviour of heart muscle cells using laser radiation, an advance that may lead to better understanding of the heart’s mechanisms and help treat arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.”Right now this result may be very useful for clinical studies of the mechanisms of the heart, and in the future