Alert for a year to shareholders states as BBMB sees water crises


Alert for a year to shareholders states as BBMB sees water crises

By Kajal Choudhary

June 30, 2018

Narinder Jagga

Chandigarh, June 25: Despite the beginning of monsoon, the BBMB is worrying about the shortage of water in future. Although the level of water has stopped going down in Bhakra and increase of water by 3 feet in Pong dam, but the BBMB has declared to increase a little in the release of water in canals for Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Board has issued alert to use water judiciously for a year as the shortage of water may be continue.

Five days ago, the water level was going down by one feet and .6 feet in Pong dam daily. In the last meeting the representative of Indian Metrological Department (IMD) had predicted good rain in three days from 27 to 29 June, but the rain could not fulfill the desire of IMD.A meeting of technically Committee of BBMB was held today to review the current situation of water.

Trio States get water from Bhakra and Pong Dams and water requirement has gone up as there is sowing season of paddy and other crops in three states. It was told in theĀ  meeting of Technically Committee of BBMM that the level of Bhakra Dam was 1491 feet and 1289 feet in Pong Dam with little improvement.

Notable, there was 20 to 30 per cent lesser water inflow this year because of decrease in snow melting due to low temperature prevailing over upper hilly areas as well as the western disturbances have caused decrease in temperature which affected the water inflow.