Net bowlers supplier "approached" Pakistani skipper


Net bowlers supplier “approached” Pakistani skipper, provided practice bowlers in PSL and IPL

By Ranjit Singh

October 24, 2017

Mumbai, Oct. 24  : Net bowlers supplier “approached” Pakistani skipper, provided practice bowlers in PSL and IPL. The man who is alleged to have approached Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed for the spot-fixing offer is identified as Irfan Ansari. The 33-year-old Sarfraz Ahmed was reported to have been approached by Ansari before the 3rd ODI against Sri Lanka recently. The ICC is believed to have questioned Sarfraz (who had immediately reported the matter to the authorities) on since when Irfan Ansari was known to him.

It could not be confirmed whether Irfan Ansari has been questioned.  When this Reporter could manage to reach him over his mobile in UAE on Tuesday morning, he admitted having his name being linked to this controversy but only said, “this is all humbug”. He was in no mood to continue with the talk. “I am driving now and will speak to you later”, he said before signing off. It is believed that he has been telling to his friends that he made this offer “jokingly”.

According to the inquiries made by this Reporter in UAE, Irfan Ansari, a Pakistani national, has been living in UAE since 1976. “He has played cricket for Sharjah Cricket Club and is a Level 2 cricket coach”, the source in Sharjah said exclusively.

“He is still involved in coaching as a part-time coach for different academies”. “He also provides net bowlers to the visiting international teams. He provided net bowlers to the Pakistani teams in the PSL (Pakistan Super League)”. “And yes, he also provided few bowlers to the IPL teams when the IPL matches were held here”, the source confirmed.