Japan gunman shoots himself dead after police standoff

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Tokyo; A suspect in a fatal shooting in the Japanese city of Wakayama shot himself dead following an 18-hour standoff with police, authorities said on Thursday.

The suspect, Yasuhide Mizobata, was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital on Wednesday night but medical teams could not do anything to save his life, EFE news reported.

Mizobata, 45, was suspected of killing one man and injuring three others — one of whom has been in a coma — by opening fire in a construction company in Wakayama on Monday.

Following the attack, authorities accused Mizobata, son of the construction company’s president, as the main suspect.

Police located him on Tuesday night in an area near the construction company’s office. The suspect escaped after opening fire on patrol agents and barricaded himself, armed with two pistols, in an apartment building.

Authorities evacuated all residents and even closed several schools in the area following the incident