Jul 07

Now know the status of Police complaint through SMS Alert

Now know status Police complaint SMS Alert. From now the Police will inform the complainant about the status of his complaint through SMS on his mobile phone. The Ludhiana Police is all set to start complaint tracking system under the Police will send message on mobile phone of complainant to inform him about the status

Environment-Friendly Idea Of Indian Railway’s Saves four Lakh Trees

The Indian Railways has replaced bulky, multi-lingual question booklets with online tests for its recruitment process, resulting in a green initiative that has helped saved four lakh trees and 319 crore paper sheets.The three-phase online examination covering preliminary, written and aptitude and typing skill test is a first of its kind for the state-run transporter.Aiming

Army Truck Collides with Two Cars, One died

Army Truck Collides with Two Cars, One died. Nawanshahr: A terrible road accident has been reported near Balachaur. One person died on the spot who was in the car which collided with the Indian army’s truck and the other car. This accident took place on the road from Nawashahar to Ropar. As soon as the

Two brothers held for selling drugs against mobile phones

Two brothers held selling drugs mobile phones. The city Police have arrested two real brothers for selling drugs against the mobile phones. The accused take mobile phones of the addicts if they were not able to pay money. The Police have recovered 14 gram heroin and 20 gm opium from their possession, besides 13 mobile

Radio will teach English in these Govt Schools

Radio will teach English in these Govt Schools. Agra: The Uttar Pradesh Education Department has discovered a new method for teaching children in English in schools. Students of 6th class in UP’s Kasturba Gandhi Girl and Council High School will be taught English through a radio program. The program will be broadcasted from July 17.

Husband murdered Wife ’cause she was a …

Husband murdered Wife ’cause she was a.. A person killed his wife at Basti Sheikh, Jalandhar. In fact, after the marriage, the person came to know that his wife is a Kinnar or Transgender. Police has arrested the accused husband Narinder Chauhan in Delhi. The accused has confessed his crime in the police investigation. He

Five killed in Bikaner cracker factory blast

Five killed Bikaner cracker factory blast. The news of the explosion occurred in a cracker factory here. The fire was an accident that took place. Five people including a woman were killed during this. In the new city police station area of Bikaner city, two houses also collapsed due to a blast in the illegal

Border row: China says India has ‘ulterior motives’

Border row: China says India ‘ulterior motives’ tri-junction. Beijing, July 7, China on Friday said India was claiming Doklam as part of the tri-junction with Bhutan out of “ulterior motives”. Beijing reiterated that New Delhi had violated the 1890 treaty between the British and China. Beijing said the place where Indian troops “trespassed” was 2,000

Centre shouldn’t impose GST on Religious Institutions, Says Khalsa

Sant Giani Harnam Singh Khalsa, President of Amritsar Damdami Taksaal and President of Sant Samaj, reviewed the GST imposed on the local places of langar and other essential commodities, including all the religious places including the SGPC. He said that GST would have additional financial burden on religious places and the activities of religious and

150 Inspectors, Sub Inspectors and Head Constable of Punjab Police Transfers

The Punjab Government has transferred 150 Inspector, Sub Inspector and Head Constable Officers of Punjab Police. The list of which is as

Excellent camera company making phone Holographic Display just 1200
An excellent camera company making a phone with ‘Holographic Display’ in just $1200

Excellent camera company making phone Holographic Display just 1200. Tech industry and Hollywood both are crazy for the idea of Holograms. It will not be sci fi movie if it does not use the Holographic Communicator or Computer, and company trying its best to make a single best device to comprise both things in One.

Odissa Govt steps forward help twins attached heads
Odissa Govt steps forward to help twins with attached heads

Odissa Govt steps forward help twins attached heads. The government has come to help the guilty victims of suffering painful life. The government, which has come to the aid of the twin brothers who are suffering from a painful life.In Odisha’s Kandhamal district there is a painful and worrying news of twins of two years.

2 Million German Women were raped, 4 Lakh illegitimate children born

During the second world war (September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945) Hitler’s Nazi army destroyed many countries in the world. This war is considered to be the most destructive war till now. However, Germany had to pay a heavy price in this war. In 1944, the Soviet, American, British and French armies occupied many

Monsoon may take 6-7 more days to come

The Weather Department had expressed the possibility that the monsoon would knock by June 28 but it could not be done. Pre-monsoon is raining in the city these days but the monsoon entry is yet to be done. Monsoon may take 6-7 days. After this, the monsoon was expected to arrive from July 2 and

Brahm Mohindra visits Cancer Hospital in Bathinda

State Health and Family Welfare Minister, Braham Mohindra visited the Government Cancer Hospital located at Mansa Road r in Bathinda today .There he inaugurated the 25 crore – costed machine linear accelerator. Talking to the media on this occasion, Health Minister, Braham Mohindra said that the only cancer treatment facility in the state of Punjab

Improper facilities leads to death of 25 cows

25 cows die in government-run shelter due to improper facilities, lack of food At least 25 cows died due to incessant rains and lack of fodder at a cow shelter in Haryana village. The deaths prompted senior district officials to pay the visit to the village. Precarious conditions at a cow shelter in Haryana’s Kurukshetra

Poland’s First Lady snubs Trump handshake, darts for Melania

Poland’s First Lady snubs Trump handshake, darts Melania. Warsaw, July 7 (IANS) Polish President Andrzej Duda’s wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda appeared to snub US President Donald Trump as he offered his hand to her but the Polish First Lady missed him out in favour of his wife Melania Trump. The awkward moment was caught on camera

Mobile app will now find the location of criminals

Raipur. The police will now find out the culprits for spreading panic in the state after coming from other states. For this, the Police Department is preparing a special type of mobile app. Its work has been started under the Crime and Criminal Intelligent System (CCI) project.The mobile app will have all the information about

Photographer uploads picture of Mosul Conflict online for free

The Washington-based photographer, who specialises in war photography, went to Mosul in April 2017 to capture the efforts of Iraqi Federal Police to free Mosul from ISIL militants. But Little’s photographs went beyond – they captured the struggle of refugees fleeing their homes, of soldiers risking their lives to save the people, and of chaos

Heavy Discounts on Clothing brands, GST effect

Even before the GST was implemented there was a loud noise that things would be expensive. Now even when GST has been implemented, the companies have not stopped giving the discount despite this. You can still take up to 50 percent discount on garments and footwear. The country’s main brands are giving these discounts on