Video – Tragedy of errors by Fazilka police: Beat up man mistaking him for someone else


June 09, 2016

Fazilka: In a case of mistaken identity, the Fazilka police on Thursday beat up a 47 year old man, Vikram Sethi, taking him for a 22 yr old youth of the same name. It could come across as funny except that the man has ended up in the local hospital with severe injuries. 

As per sources, the police barged into the house of Vikram and without listening to what he had to say, roughed him up, accused him of rape, and dragged him to the police station with a heavy dose of beating on the way. 

Fazilka SP Dharamvir accepted the mistake made by the police personnel and said that appropriate action would be taken against those found guilty of negligence in not checking the credentials before taking action. He said that a complaint of rape was lodged by a girl against one Vikram Kumar, a 24 year old youth, who was still to be apprehended. The house of Vikram Sethi was identified by the complainant, he said.



The police barged into the house and asked Vikram Sethi to accompany them to the police station. Taken aback and without a clue about what was happening, he refused to accompany them. On hearing this the police personnel applied the method they normally do such situations: dragging, beating and use of force. 

It was too late by the time realization dawned on them. The beaten and bruised man was still in the hospital getting treated for his injuries.