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Gay teacher incredibly sassy photo with Donald Trump is going viral

Gay-teacher-incredibly-sassy-photo-donald-trump-going-viral pin and clutched a lacy fan in an official photo with President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump. And now the Rhode Island teacher of the year’s bold stand for LGBTQ rights has gotten global attention after the image went viral on Facebook. Giannopoulos, who teaches 11th and 12th graders at Beacon Charter

Americans’ approval rating of UN slides: Poll

Washington: A majority of Americans (60 per cent) have said that the UN is doing a “poor job” in solving the problems it faces, up by six percentage points from 2016, according to a new poll. In contrast, only 37 per cent of Americans say the UN is doing a “good job” in solving the

Indian Americans make big push into Congress

New York: Indian Americans made a mark in Congressional politics with one of them becoming the first to be elected to the Senate and four others winning seats in the House of Representatives. Kamala Harris was elected from California to the Senate defeating fellow-Democrat Loretta Sanchez. Pramila Jayapal from Washington, Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois and

Indian Americans say community’s votes could make the difference

New York: With the race for the White House tightening, Indian-American Democrats are making a push to get their community to turn out to vote for Hillary Clinton, saying she’s been a steadfast friend of Indians and India. Leaders of “Indian Americans for Democrats and Friends of Hillary for President” appealed in particular to Indians

‘Indian call centres stole USD 300 million from Americans’

Washington: The five Indian call centrescharged with defrauding thousands of Americans, stole more than USD 300 million from their victims, US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has said. The official yesterday said an inter-agency effort resulted in the indictment of all five call centers and 56 people, including 31 from India, as well as the

US-based Kerala Centre to honour five Indian Americans

Washington: The Indian American Kerala Cultural and Civic Centre will honour five Indian-American Malayalees for their outstanding achievements and service to the society. “Kerala Centre has been honouring outstanding achievers since 1991 and every year we invite nominations and the committee has to make a unanimous choice for a candidate in a category to be

‘Political debate turning Americans against each other’

Washington: The political debate in thecurrent election season has turned Americans against each other, Indian-American Neera Tanden from the Clinton campaign has claimed, while her counterpart from the Trump’s camp said the national prestige has gone down under the Obama regime. “The political debate this election season is turning Americans against each other,” Tanden, co-chair

How Shahgar Thakkar pulled off a Special 26 on Americans

THANE: A 23-year-old Mumbaikar  Shahgar Thakkar aka  Shaggy  have scripted biggest tele fraud in Indian history till now .The mastermind Shaggy has  made nearly Rs 500 crore in one year by duping several Americans till his game was busted by a peeved employee. Mastermind Shaggy ran three call centres that were collectively shoplifting around Rs

Designate Pak as terror sponsor state: Indian-Americans to US

Washington: The Indian-American community has asked the US government to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism and impose sanctions on it following the terror attack in Uri that killed 18 soldiers. “Enough is enough. It is time that Pakistan be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism,” said Jagdish Sewhani president of American India

Indian-Americans kick off foot campaign for Trump

Washington: Indian-American supporters of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have launched the traditional door-to-door campaign, arguing that this mode of campaigning is still an effective tool to win people’s heart ahead of the November 8 general elections. Volunteers of Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 started old-fashioned campaigning to sell Trump and his agenda for American

Record number of Americans dislike Hillary Clinton: Poll

Washington: US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s image is at its record low with Americans in her 25-year national public life, according to a new poll. According to the Washington Post/ABC News poll on Wednesday, 56 per cent of Americans now hold unfavorable views of Clinton with 41 percent regarding the former secretary of state

Americans denied gold for 1st time since 2008 Games

Rio de Janeiro: The Americans were denied a gold medal for the first time since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and it took two big stumbles to keep the “Star Spangled Banner” on pause. One of the slips cost US gymnastics star Simone Biles gold on the balance beam. The other secured Shaunae Miller’s win in

Why young Americans are having babies before marriage

New York: Rising income inequality, and the resulting scarcity of certain types of jobs, is a key reason a large number of millennials in the US are having babies before getting married, a study says. The researchers traced how the income gap, a large-scale societal trend, was affecting individual personal choices about starting a family.

Obama calls on Americans to ‘have open hearts’

Washington: US President Barack Obama on Tuesday called on protesters, police and the public to open their hearts and drop their preconceptions to deal with racism and violence in the country. At a memorial service held in the Texas city of Dallas to honour five police officials killed on Thursday by a lone gunmen Micah