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Laung Laachi Neeru Bajwa Emmy Virk Amberdeep Singh March

Laung Laachi stars reaches Ludhiana to provide the flavour of their ‘Laachi’

Nidhi Bhanot  Ludhiana Pollywood keeps on entertaining its audience with something new with each passing day. This time Villagers Film Studio is bringing a new flavour of Romance and Comedy with a pinch of emotional drama in much awaited Punjabi movie Laung Laachi on March 9. The startcast reached Ludhiana to promote their movie among

Cooking fats in the atmosphere may affect climate

London, Nov 25: Cooking fats in the atmosphere may affect climate. Fatty acid molecules released during cooking may be enhancing the formation of clouds, which have a major cooling effect on the planet, according to a study. Scientists demonstrated for the first time that fatty acid molecules emitted from from deep fat fryers during cooking

NASA study

Moon once had an atmosphere: NASA study

Washington, Oct 6, Moon once had an atmosphere: NASA study. The Moon had an atmosphere about three to four billion years ago, when intense volcanic eruptions spewed gases above the surface faster than they could escape to space, a NASA study has found. When one looks up at the Moon, dark surfaces of volcanic basalt can

Google Street View now lets you explore International Space Station

Google Street View now lets you explore International Space Station

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android Click For IOS Ever wondered what the inside of a spaceship looks like? Google will now let people navigate through the International Space Station (ISS) on Google Maps through Street View. Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut at the European Space Agency (ESA), spent

Atmosphere of terror with bomb falling in the fields

Atmosphere of terror with bomb falling in the fields

Suddenly a bomb exploded in a farm in nearby Shekhdolat village triggered panic. According to information, in a Sidhwan Khurd range, where the air force trained by the Air Force, a bomb was thrown in a field of farmland in the fields of Shekhdolat, instead of throwing bombs in the range. The chaos was found

Nobody Dare To Spoil The Atmosphere Of Punjab- Jakhar

A meeting was held in Chandigarh by Punjab congress President Sunil Jakhar with district Presidents in which long Discussion  held On Strengthen the party in state. In this many suggestions were given by them including party strengthening and what should government to do for people In Budget.Sunil Jakhar said that he is worried about the

AAP is trying to vitiate peaceful atmosphere’

Chandigarh: BJP has condemned the efforts of AAP and its national as well as Punjab leadership for trying to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Punjab. BJP national secretary Tarun Chugh today said that AAP, for petty political mileage and gains, was trying to disturb the peace and harmony in the state. Chugh said that AAP’s

Keepeer Saha lauds dressing room atmosphere in Test team

Kolkata: The dressing room in the current Indian Test cricket team is a happy place to be in, India’s wicketkeeper-batsman Wriddhiman Saha said here on Wednesday. “The dressing room atmosphere with the Indian team is better than what it is here with Bengal and in form of club cricket you can say,” Saha, who played

Tense atmosphere affects visitors count at Hussainiwala border

Ferozepur: Following surgical strikes carried out by Indian Army on terrorist’s camps across Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Pok), and directions of Home Ministry to evacuate people within 10 km of international border, atmosphere at border has got bit tense. Hectic announcements made by administration created panic among the people and aftermaths

Venus-like exoplanet may have oxygen atmosphere: study

Washington: A Venus-like exoplanet located just 39 light-years from Earth may posses a thin, oxygen atmosphere, a first for a rocky planet outside our solar system, a new study suggests. The distant planet GJ 1132b intrigued astronomers when it was discovered last year. It might have an atmosphere despite being baked to a temperature of around

NASA probe to explore global atmosphere over oceans

Washington: NASA is set to launch a new airborne mission to map the contours of the atmosphere as carefully as explorers once traced the land and oceans below. The Atmospheric Tomography, or ATom, is the first to survey the atmosphere over the oceans, the US space agency said in a statement. Scientists aboard NASA’s DC-8