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US Army allows turbans, beards, hijabs for servicemen

Washington:The US Army has issued a newregulation under which servicemen who wear turbans, hijabs or beards can now be enrolled in the military, making the force more inclusive of minority religions and cultures. The new set of rules, issued by Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning, allows religious accommodations to be approved at the brigade-level.

NYPD to allow Sikh officers to wear turbans, beards

New York:The New York Police Departmentwill allow its Sikh officers to wear turbans and maintain beards, relaxing its uniform policy, a move aimed at inclusiveness. New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced the measures being taken towards ensuring religious accommodation to its officers following a graduation ceremony for new police recruits yesterday. Under the revised

Women prefer men with beards for long-term relationships

Sydney: Women find men who wear full beards more suitable for long-term relationships, suggests new research.Women tend to find beardedness attractive when judging long-term relationships, perhaps as a signal of formidability among males and the potential to provide direct benefits, such as enhanced fertility and survival, to females, the study said.”Results showed a significant interaction