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Fitness Trend Beer Yoga

Know About the New Fitness Trend-Beer Yoga

Experts around the world have been advocating beer’s nutritional benefits for quite a time now. Nutritionist Veda Gavhane says, “Though the calorie count in this alcohol beverage is high, beer is still said to reduce the risk of heart attack Are you a yoga lover? Or a Beer fan? You must be thinking what a

Girls at liquor vend creates uproar on social media

College Girls at liquor shop creates uproar on social media. A photo of three girls wearing in school uniform standing before a liquor shop from Banda district in Uttar Pradesh is going viral on the internet these days. According to the information these girls are from Kulkua near banda district where these girls in a

Benefits drinking beer

Benefits of drinking beer

New Delhi: Generally beer is considered to be harmful for health but we are going to reveals its benefits. You will be surprised to hear about them. Recently, it was suggested that beer is good for people who feel that their creative activity has broken.A researcher from Australia’s Graz University said that taking a drink

Reasons why beer is good for your health

Reasons why beer is good for your health

Drinking beer has real health benefits. One of those proverbs you see up in pubs says, ‘If you don’t drink, you don’t live longer- it just seems longer. Researchers found that regular, moderate beer drinkers were 19% less likely to die during a given time period than people who never drink. It reduces the risk of

Retro-Pub Delhi offering unlimited beer 3 Days just Rs100

Retro-Pub Delhi offering unlimited beer for 3 Days on just Rs.100!

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app Click For Android Click For IOS Retro-Pub Delhi offering unlimited beer 3 Days just Rs100. Retro-Pub In Delhi is turning 100 days old and they want to celebrate the milestone with their customers. They are offering unlimited beer for Rs.100!To mark the completion of 100

How alcohol affects your body click to know

From that very first sip of beer, wine or vodka, the alcohol travels to your stomach and into your bloodstream.It then makes its way around the whole body: your brain, your mood and your muscles. The process starts within minutes of your first sip.The level of alcohol in your blood will peak about 45 to

Smart fridge restores beer automatically when running out of stock

Smart fridge restores beer automatically running stock. The latest marketing ploy from beer giant Anheuser-Busch is a smart fridge made for offices. Called the Office Bud-e, the fridge can hold 180 beers and will automatically place a delivery order to restock when it senses supply is running low.United Airlines will start serving Chicago-style deep dish pizza from Pizzeria

Reasons why beer is not bad for you!! Check Here

Reasons why beer is not bad for you!! Check Here

Here are few reasons why beer is not bad for you . Beer could safeguard your heart, boost your immunity, protect your bones, and more. Ready, set, drink up. Here are some reasons which tells how it is good for our health . PROTECT YOUR HEART Wine usually gets all the credit as the booze

Bar In Hauz Khas Is Selling Beer For Rs 10 All Week! You’re Welcome

Bar In Hauz Khas Is Selling Beer For Rs 10 All Week! You’re Welcome

With the sizzling summer making us thirstier than ever, a chilled glass of beer is all that one craves for. Especially on the dreaded Monday. Well, Delhi folks, we’ve got some mighty good news for you! Bandstand Bistro in Hauz Khas is giving away drought beer for just Rs 10.Yes, we’re not kidding. Bandstand Bistro

Cheers! Hops in beer may cut damaging effects of alcohol

New York: Beer lovers have reason to cheer as researchers have found that the hops content in beer may lessen the damaging effects of alcohol on the liver. Hops, generally used to add flavour to beer, refers to the flowers of the hops plant, Humulus lupulus. Using a binge-drinking mouse model, the researchers from Friedrich