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Female cop breastfeeds suspect’s hungry baby, hits the internet

Female cop breastfeeds suspect hungry baby, hits the internet. Internet is hit by a viral video of a female police officer in China, breastfeeding a four-month- old baby of an under-trial prisoner. Such a love-able gesture of officer won the hearts of many. The incident was witnessed on September 23 at the Shanxi Jinzhong Intermediate

Australian Senator breastfeeds baby in Parliament.

Australian senator, Larissa Waters, became the first MP to nurse a baby in the chamber. Waters became the first mother to do so. She breastfed her baby while passing a motion on black lung disease. The baby is 14 weeks old named, Alia.Waters said, “I am so proud that my daughter Alia is the first

HIV therapy cuts mother-to-child transmission during breastfeeding

New York: For mothers who are infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) but their immune system is in good health, taking a three-drug antiretroviral regimen during breastfeeding period can essentially eliminate HIV transmission by breast milk to their infants, finds a study. The findings showed that both three-drug maternal antiretroviral therapy and daily infant nevirapine