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This innocent child is a superstar in Bollywood, identify who is this?

You can’t imagine who is in these pictures?? Guess this celebrity

You can’t imagine who is in these pictures?? Guess this celebrity. This child reigns on millions of hearts today.In his childhood he used to do various kinds of act and dance in front of his mother. One day, the mother  said that you would become a film star and it  came true. Today, this child

Modi asks diaspora, first develop India

India, UK can leverage tech prowess for new opportunities: PM

New Delhi: Underlining economic challengesin the current global environment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India and the UK can leverage technological prowess to create new opportunities, while seeking investments in defence, manufacturing and aerospace sectors. Speaking at the India-UK Tech Summit, Modi showcased his government’s initiatives in sectors like smart cities, startups and digital

High-stressed jobs can lead to early grave

  New York: If you are in a high-stress job with little or no control over the work flow, chances are you are heading towards innumerable health conditions — even an early death — than those who have flexibility and discretion in their jobs. A team of researchers from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business

Can drinking eight glasses of water a day harm you?

Sydney: Challenging the popular notion that we should drink eight glasses of water a day for good health, researchers have found that drinking too much water can put people in danger of water intoxication. Researchers from Monash University in Victoria, Australia have found a mechanism that regulates fluid intake in the human body and stops

Meditation can keep your emotional brain in check

New York: Meditation can help tame your emotions even if you are not a mindful person, suggests a new study Mindfulness, a moment-by-moment awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations, has gained worldwide popularity as a way to promote health and well-being. “Our findings not only demonstrate that meditation improves emotional health, but that people

Pak Air space restriction: Intl’ airlines can fly below 29 thousand feet

New Delhi: Pakistan has made a restriction in the Air space on the flying of international airlines below the 29 thousand feet on Sunday. As per reports, Pakistan has restricted its whole of the Air space. Before this, they had made a restriction on Karachi’s Air space, below 33 thousand feet. Now the restriction has

BSNL will offer satellite phone service to everyone in 2019

Sufficient interconnect points for Jio, can augment more: BSNL

New Delhi, Sep 16 (PTI) Amid simmering tension and ongoingparleys between new entrant and private incumbent operators over connectivity, state-owned telecom firm BSNL has said it has provided “sufficient points of interconnect” to Reliance Jio and can augment it more based on requirement. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) CMD Anupam Shrivastava told PTI that there

Walking can cut cardiovascular death in early by half

London, Aug 28 (IANS) Moderate physical activities such as walking and cycling are associated with a greater than 50 per cent reduction in cardiovascular death in people over the age of 65, says a study.”Our study provides further evidence that older adults who are physically active have a lower risk of coronary heart disease, stroke

Virtual peer pressure can also spark competition

New York: Seeing a friend or colleague succeed at a task can boost your effort, says a new study, adding that virtual pressure from a computer-simulated peer can also be motivating. Maurizio Porfiri, Professor at New York University Tandon School of Engineering designed an experiment to test whether virtual peer pressure could boost individual participation in

Electrical brain stimulation can boost memory during sleep

New York: Use of electrical brain stimulation can enhance memory during sleep and strengthen memory in healthy people, says a study. According to the researchers, transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is a non-invasive method that can potentially help millions of people with conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and other major depressive disorders. For

Holy men can make India modern: Modi

Gorakhpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said “sadhus and sants” (holy men) can play an important role in making India modern and prosperous. Modi made the remark after unveiling a statue of Mahant Avaidyanath, who was with the Gorakhnath Temple in Gorakhpur. “It’s my privilege that I had the opportunity to unveil the statue

New forms of HIV can jump from animals to humans

New York: While the HIV epidemic continues to threaten health and well-being of a large section of the world’s population, scientists have warned that new forms of the virus jumping from animals to humans cannot be ruled out. The suggestion stems from a study in which the scientists discovered the first in vivo evidence that

Can antibiotics slow Alzheimer’s progression?

New York: Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that long-term antibiotic treatment in mice decreases levels of amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, also showed significant changes in the gut microbiome after antibiotic treatment, suggesting the composition and diversity of bacteria in the gut play

Protein that can boost growth of damaged muscle tissue

New York: Researchers have found that a protein that plays a key role in the lives of stem cells can bolster the growth of damaged muscle tissue, a step that could potentially contribute to treatments for muscle degeneration caused by old age and diseases such as muscular dystrophy. “We provide here a proof-of-principle study that

On a day I am fit, I can defeat anyone: Saina Nehwal

New Delhi: India’s premier badminton star Saina Nehwal believes that her in-born go-getter attitude will help her overcome opponents, a couple of nagging injuries and pressure of expectations as she bids to better the colour of her Olympic medal at the Rio Games in August. The 26-year-old captured a bronze medal four years ago in

Good storytelling can help you woo your girl!

Sydney: Love to spin good stories at any point of time? You can win a woman’s heart faster as according to researchers, women find men who are good storytellers more appealing and sexy. The findings showed that women rated men who were good storytellers as more desirable and potential long-term partners. It is because the

NASA probe maps Ceres craters where ice can accumulate

Washington: Scientists with NASA’s Dawn mission have identified, on the dwarf planet Ceres, permanently shadowed regions most of which likely have been cold enough to trap water ice for a billion years. The findings suggest that that ice deposits could exist in these regions even now. “The conditions on Ceres are right for accumulating deposits

Smartphone app can help you avoid unplanned pregnancy

Washington: A smartphone app that alerts a woman if she is on a high or low risk day for the purpose of planning or avoiding pregnancy would be 96-98 percent effective if used correctly, say researchers. Recognising that each woman’s menstrual cycle can vary, the app, called Dot (Dynamic Optimal Timing), allows for menstrual cycles

Excessive childbirth fear can lead to post-partum depression

New York: While some fear in expectant mothers is normal, excessive childbirth fear can lead to complications during pregnancy and birth, and increase risk of post-partum depression, say researchers. The study showed that women are even more afraid of childbirth than previously thought–and are as concerned about their health care providers and their place of

New sperm sorting device can help infertile couples

New York: Researchers have developed a new device that can sort the best sperm out of millions in just half an hour for their use in assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation. The device, based on microfluidic technology, reduces risk of DNA damage associated with conventional sperm sorting method and can help infertile