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Doval's visit meant for BRICS, not solving border standoff: Chinese media

Doval’s visit meant for BRICS, not solving border standoff: Chinese media

For all the Latest news download Daily Post news app:- Click For Android Click For IOS Continuing their tirade against India, the state owned Chinese media has said the upcoming visit of Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval to Beijing is only meant for BRICS meet and not for solving the current border standoff between the two sides. In

India rubbishes Chinese media report

India on Monday categorically denied reports coming from Chinese media that the Chinese Army killed 158 Indian soldiers and fired rockets across the Sikkim border. This came a day after China’s army conducted new drills in Tibet that included targeting enemy aircraft and tanks.“Such reports are utterly baseless, malicious and mischievous. No cognisance should be taken of

India will confront "greater losses" than in the 1962 war if it "incites"- Chinese media

India will confront “greater losses” than in the 1962 war if it “incites”- Chinese media

The indo-china tension has entered in 20th day, Chinese media’s statements are adding fuel to fire. A day after China warned India that it will offer “no compromise” on the stand-off at the Sikkim border, its state-run media declared that Delhi should either withdraw its troops “with dignity or be kicked out”. An editorial on

Chinese media preach india on GST

Chinese media preach india on GST

While appreciating the move of implementing GST in india, Chinese media came out with positive remarks. In an article, state-run global times has criticized the implementation of the new tax regime by questioning how long it will take to be effectively instituted across the country’s 29 states, including those with underdeveloped technical infrastructure. China has a forceful


India can’t use Dalai Lama against China: Chinese media

Beijing: It is way beyond India’s capability to employ the Dalai Lama and Mongolia against China, a Chinese newspaper said on Wednesday, calling New Delhi a “spoilt kid”. The Global Times, which is known to reflect the thinking of the Chinese leadership, wondered what made India so confident when even the US thought twice before