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Passengers want reduction in airline cancellation charges

India is the third largest air-travel market in the world and is witnessing a constant double-digit growth, with each passing year.With airlines offering extraordinarily low fares, people’s preference is shifting towards them and they don’t mind booking tickets three to six months in advance. But these low fares come with strict cancellation charges and limited baggage

11,000 held in China for misuse of citizens’ personal info

Beijing, Dec 24, Chinese police have detained more than 11,000 suspects during the past two years for alleged misuse of citizens’ personal information. Wang Shengjun, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), called the task of protecting Internet users’ personal information “grim.” “Illegal industrial chains have taken shape in some

Hyderabad: Senior citizens take initiative to repair roads

After losing all hopes of help from the officials, senior-citizens of Cantonment area in Hyderabad have taken the responsibility to fix the pothole-ridden roads onto their shoulders.They have been working continuously for the second week, as the roads are in poor condition and some of them need expansion.“The road is in a very bad state.

Iran rejects Trump’s threats over detained American citizens

For all the Latest news download Daily Post app:- For Android For IOS Tehran, July 23 (IANS) Iran has rejected US President Trump’s demand for release of detained Americans, describing it as an “interference and unacceptable stand”, local media reported on Sunday.“The meddlesome and threatening statements by the US would not affect the Iranian Judiciary’s

Battle against plastic waste by Environment-conscious citizens in Pune

Battle against plastic waste by Environment-conscious citizens in  Pune. The problem of increasing plastic waste. but a few environment-conscious Puneites are doing their bit to save the environment. The Pune Municipal Corporation is to find a decisive solution for plastic watage. In 2010, they installed a plastic recycling plant that used thermo catalytic de-polymerisation technology to

Bangladesh detains 44 Nepal citizens, having no valid visa

Dhaka: Bangladeshi police today detained 44Nepal citizens for allegedly overstaying in the country without valid visas. “All of them were living in different houses of an apartment building at Mirpur area. They were kept inside the same building under police vigil,” Mainul Kabir, inspector of Pallabi police station said. “We informed the Nepalese embassy (in