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Chocolate will disappear by 2040, say experts

Favorite sweet of everyone ‘Chocolates’ could disappear in another 30 years and the reason is none other than climate change. According to experts, the cacao trees, which need heavy rainfall for growth, are struggling to grow due to warmer climates. A report saying that a temperature rise of just 2.1C over the next 30 years could

Three super foods to lose belly fat fast

Super foods can help you to detox after overindulging during the festive period. During analyzing the benefits of green tea, turmeric and cocoa just in time for New Year’s resolutions to come into effect. All three foods have different health benefits – green tea is a natural antioxidant, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and cocoa is known

Heavy gunfire erupts in Ivory Coast's two main citiesheavy-gunfire-erupts-ivory-coasts-two-main-cities

Heavy gunfire erupts in Ivory Coast’s two main cities

Heavy gunfire erupts in Ivory Coast’s two main cities.Cities Abidjan and Bouake got hit, witnesses said, as the military pressed an operation aimed at ending a four-day nationwide army mutiny over bonus payments. Troops began advancing towards Bouake, the epicenter of the revolt, on Sunday and sporadic gunfire was heard overnight there as well as