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I had communication problems: Karan Kundra

Mumbai: Actor Karan Kundra says he found it difficult to communicate his problems to others. Karan says he could’ve avoided several problems had he tried to communicate with people. “My problem was that I had communication problems, I used to not talk to people and I used to find solutions on my own. That’s not

New multi-element antenna to improve communication

London: Combining several antenna elements into a single one would improve reception and efficiency and speed up data transfer, a team of researchers from Finland has said. Researchers from Radio Science and Engineering department of Finland’s Aalto University have developed a method that allows antennas — that are mostly based on technology developed half a

India ranked world’s top exporter of information, communication technology

United Nations: India has been ranked the world’s top exporter of information and communication technology in a UN agency report that recommended that the country leverage this lead to innovate in emerging areas where biology and materials sciences intersect with computing. Overall, India leapt 14 places from the 85th rank last year to the 61st

China launches first quantum communication satellite

Beijing: China successfully launched the world’s first quantum satellite on Tuesday. In a cloud of smoke, the satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), roared into the sky a top a Long March-2D rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in Gobi Desert at 1.40 a.m., Xinhua news agency reported. The over 600 kg satellite will


One must understand the context of a talk in order to pass on the right message. Communication involves encoding, choosing a medium of communication and decoding. It is imperative for the communicator to use not only right diction, context, syntax and body language but also understand the level of the receiver. Effective communication involves minimizing

Dynamics of Communication 

In the dynamic world of today it is faster modes of communication that have helped in rapid growth of economy, understanding, relation building and many other avenues of life. But what is right way to communicate and what are the essentials of communication in business we all need to ponder over.  Wikipedia defines communication as