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Even after ten days, ATMs suffer from ‘Cash Crunch’

Mohali: Seventy nine per cent people indicated their full support to government’s currency demonetisation programme despite inconvenience. Only three per cent did not support the government action. Support to demonetisation of currency gained momentum only from last week. A portion of the citizens who were unsure of such demonetisation programme earlier and the ones who

Cash crunch affecting not only trade, but also others

Ludhiana: Due to the lack of currency in the cash with the city people, not only markets are giving a deserted looks on the shops other then essential commodities shops in the city, but old city theatres are also giving a deserted look in the Ludhiana for three days. As the recently released movie has

Despite staff crunch, we have kept tab on crime: CP

The Indian Police Service is a job like no other. You have to constantly be on your toes, ready to fight criminals and, if required, give up your life at any moment. The police play a significant part in the society; it is the instrument of law and order and also plays an incredible role.

Shimla civic body reeling under fund cruch, staff shortageshimla,

Shimla: The civic body in this erstwhile summer capital of the Raj — the oldest in the country after Chennai and Kolkata — is facing a grave financial crisis and acute shortage of staff. The first and probably the last Communist mayors of the Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) blame successive governments for eroding autonomous character